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Lakshmi Shobhane

Lakshmi  Shobhane

Saint  Vadhi Raja  Theertha

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Lakshmi Shobane was written by the maha rishi Shri shri Vadhiraj. This Lakshmi shobane is like a mangal sutra for all sumangali’s (married women). Lakshmi Shobane is considered to be a weapon for raksha (protection) which has to be chanted  every day in every house. For scholars, this is considered to be sheersagar that gives knowledge as amrita.

     The story starts with Avatharaof Lakshmi.Then she walks through the crowd of devas  to choose her husband.She Chooses  Lord Narayana. The marriage  is celebrated/Lord Hari  takes the form of Mohini and distributes nectar  to devas and later  Varuna(ocean) gives presents to  all assembled  including the groom .The sloka numbers  describing each  event is given below

1-14 prayer to protect bride and groom
15-24 examining other devas
25-65   Lakshmi compares Narayana  with other devas   and decides to marry hm
66-70 she  chooses Narayana  as her husband
71-75 .Ocean (Varuna) starts   arranging for marriage
76 -90     Sumanagis  invite the groom to the stage
91-96 marriage rituals
97-  100   Mohini avathara and distribution of nectar
101-  106     gifts to guests and groom
107-110 Vadhiraja tells why he wrote this book
110-112   effect of chanting it

         Though  I live in Karnataka  my knowledge of  the Kannada of those days is limited.I have completely depended  on the English text and translation given with commentary in
All that I have done  is to rewrite it in a summary form with out comments.My typing of Kannada words  may be of poor quality. Fortunately  the text in various languages is available in n   .Please refer  to it .

 Based on these assumption also all Madhvas sung this song before and during the wedding time. It is also assumed that all bride and bride grooms are in the form of Lakshmi and Narayana to bless them, to wish them and to protect them this song is sung. There were words like rakshisale namma vadhuvarara, salahali nammma vadhuvarara, palisale namma vadhuvarara.

It is also presumed that by singing this song on the occasion of wedding bride and bride grooms, their  life will increase and they will live happily and peacefully. This composition of Sri Vadiraja has become very popular because of the above reasons and also stands high as for as the conveying the message and understanding the things in a better way.

Devotees also sing it on all auspicious occasion and also do Parayana

You can hear  the entire song sung

Introductory  verse
.Shobana vennere surarolu shubaganige shobhana  venni suganaige,
Shobhana vennere  trivikrama rayage shobhanavennisura  priyage

Tell  Auspiciousness, to the pretty one among devas, tell auspiciousness  to the one  with good qualities.
Tell  auspiciousness  to lord Trivikrama, tell auspiciousness  to the one dear  to  the devas.

Text of Lakshmi Shobane

1.Lakshmi naraya charanakke saranamembe , pakshi vahanageraguve,
Pakshi vahanaraguve anudhinarakshisali  namma vadhu varara

Telling that I surrender to the feet of Lakshmi Narayana, I pray to the God who travels on bird,
I pray to him who travels  on a bird  and request him to protect  bride and  the groom

2.Pala sagaravannu lilayalli kadeyalu bale  Mahalakshmi  udisidalu,
Bala Maha lakshmi   udisidala, devi  palisali  Namma  Vaduvarara

AS a sport   when he churned  the ocean of milk, the  girl mahalakshmi rose up from there,
Let The  girl Mahalakshmi who rose  up  , protect the bride and groom

3.Bommana pralayadhalli, thannarasi yodu gudi  summane yagi  malady yappa,
Namma narayananag yiramme gadigadigu janma  janma vembudu avatara

In the deluge  of Lord Brahma  , Narayana along with his queen was simply lying on pupil  tree leaves,
For our Narayana, taking birth  with goddess  Lakshmi  every time   is an incarnation

4.Kambu kantatha sutta, kattidha  mangala  suthra , ambuja veradu karayugadi,
Ambujaveradu karayugadi dharrisi pithambara vuttu  mer edalu

He tied    the Mangalya suthra  on her conch like neck and she kept two lotus flowers in her hands,
Holding the two lotus flowers  in her    hands, wearing   the yellow silk, she walked along

5.Ondu karadarinda abhaya anivale, mattodo kayyinda varagala,
Kundilla  dhanavanda sandoha  unisuvaindire  namma salahali

With one hand showing blessings and with other hand  giving  boons,
Pouring   wealth like   rain , let that goddess  protect us

6.Poleva kanchiya  dhama uliva  kinkinkau nalivakalamduge ghalalenalu,
Nala  nalasuva muddu mogada cheluve lakshmi salahali namma   vadhu vara

Shining golden waist belly, anklets making bell like sound of gal, gal,
Goddess  lakshmi with charming and shining face, may  she  look after  out groom and bride

7.Rannada molegattu chinnada  abharanagala chenne  mahalakshmi   darisidhale,
Chenna mahalakshmidharisidala devi  thanna maneya vaduvarara salahali

The golden mahalakshmi wears  golden ornaments studded with ruby and pearl,
Let that   golden mahalakshmi wearing gold  look after  her home’s bride  and groom.

8.Kumbha kuchada mele  imbitta haragalu tumbigurula muka  kamala,
Tumbigurula muka kamalada  mahalakshmi jagadambe vadu varara  salahali

Pretty garlands  over her pot like breasts, with lotus face surrounded  by curly black hair,
Let that Mahalakshmi  with lotus face surrounded by curly black hair  look after  the bride and groom

9.Muttina oleyannittaleMahalakshmi, Kasthuri thilaka  Darisidale,
Kasthuri thilaka  Darisidala devi, sarvatra  vadhuvara   salahalli

Mahalakshmi is wearing ear studs of pearls and  is wearing tilaka of musk,
Let the goddess wearing   tilaka of musk always  look after the bride and groom

10.Ambuja nayanagala bimbhadarada sasi bimbademteesuva  mugutimaniya,
Bimbademteesuva mugutimaniya mahalakshmi umbudikiyali vadhu vararuge

With lotus like eyes, red lips like Bimba fruit, with face like full moon,
Mahalakshmi with red lips and face like full moon grant wealth  to  the bride and groom

11.Muttina akshatheyittu navarathnada mukutava nettiya mele darisidae,
Nettiya mele darisidala  devi, thanna bhakthiya janara  salahali

Wearing a crown studded with nine precious gems  sprinkled with  pearl like rice on her  forehead,
Let the goddess who is wearing  the crown on her forehead look after   her  devotees.

12,Kunda mandhara jaji  kusumagala vrindada chandadha turubige turubidale,
KUnda  vrindada komale  Mahalakshmi krup[ayinda vadhu  varara  salahalli

Wearing  collection of  jasmine  , mandhara, jathi and  jasmine on her pretty hair,
Let  the pretty Mahalakshmi as attractive as gold , with mercy  look after  the bride and groom

13.Yendhendhu  badatha aravindada maleya indire poleva koralali,
Indire  ploeva korelalao  darisidale avalindu vadhu varara salahalli

The lakshmi wears never fading garland of Aravinda   flowers on her neck,
Let Mahalakshmi who  wears the garland in her neck look  after the bride  and groom today

14.DEvanga patteya melu hoodikeya bhale mahalakshmi   darisidale,
Bhale mahalakshmi   darisidala devi tanna sevaka janara salahani

The lass  Mahalakshmi wore  the silk woven for gods,
Let the lass  mahalakshmi who wore that, look after  all her  devotees

15.Lakshmi deviya kalu umgura ghalukenalu lolakshi  mellane  nade  tandalu,
Salagi   kullirda surara  sabheya kandu alochisidalu   manadalli

The Goddess lakshmi seeing her toe rings   making gal gal  sound  walked slowly,
And Seeing the devas   who were  sitting in a row , she   started  thinking

16.Thanna makkalakunda tane peluvudakke mannadi nachi Mahalakshmi,
Tanna madimdali kareyade obbobbaraunnamta dhosha galennisadalu

Feeling that they are all her children, feeling shy, she told  to herself,
Without calling and without taking  their names in mind,
She did bother about good and bad  of each of them

17.Kelavaru  taleyuri tappagarindu punyava gali siidareu phalavilla,
Jvalisuva kopadhi saapava koduvaru lalane yanivaru olisuvare

Some of them standing upside down were doing  penance , though there was no use,
And were   burning  in anger  and were prepared to give  a curse, The lady thought, how is it possible  to marry them?

18.yella satragolodi durlabha jnanava kalisi koduva gurugalu,
Ballida dhanake marulagi varibbaru sallada purohithakolagadaru

The gurus (Brahaspathi  and Shukra)  who after learning all satras and engaged in teaching rare wisdom,
Getting desire   for   large money, got involved  in  work of priest  for they were not  fit.
(lakshmi  walked past them)

19.Kama nirjitan obba kaminigesothobba bhaminiya hinde haaridanu obba,
Kamandhanagi  muniyakamini gaididavanobba,kamadhi  guruthapagmi yobba

One had left passion(Brahma) , Another who ran behind lovers who went  behind Vishnu as lady(Shiva)
One who became blind with lust and abducted  wife of sage(Indra) , one who has snatched  wife of his own guru(Chandra)

20. Nasavaraiswaryava bayasuvanobba pararasrayisi baluva  Iswaranobba,
Hasyava madi hallu durisi kondavanobba okkananobba

One who is love with his temporary  position , A god who depends on others(Lord Shiva).
One who made fun of yaga and got his teeth broken(poosha), one who is without legs(adhi sesha)  one with only one eye(Shukra)

21.Mavana kondobba marulagi hanu gada harvanakondobbabalalida,
Jivara  kondobba  kulagedemdinasida sivanindobba Baayada

One who roamed  as  a ghost to kill  his father in law(shiva), one who had a bad time due to curse  of a Brahmin(Indra),
One who was born in a family and killed all (mrutyu), and one who was made  nonexistent  by Shiva(  Manmaatha)

22.Dharma untobbanalli, hemmeya heasarige ammamma takka gunavilla,
Kshameya bittobba narakadalli jivara marmava metti kolisuva

One of them has dharma, great name but  he has no suitable character,
As he is  losing his patience and is trampling and killing beings  in hell.(Yama)

23.Khalan anthe  obba   tanage sallada  bhagyava, balidaganji barigida,
Durlabha  mukthige duravande enisuva patala talake ilida  gadhaa

One of them as if he was wicked due to inappropriate  luck, returned   empty handed,
And was far away  from difficult to get salvation  and was made   to stay in Patala (Maha Bali)

24.Ellarayuyushyavava shimsumaara deva, salleelayinda tolagisuva,
Olle naanaivara nithya mutttaidhe endu ballavarenna  bhajisuvaru

All  other  person’s life span  is controlled by a God  as Shimsu tree as a sort of sport,
Without accepting those with end of life span, I accept him and be a perennial  sumangali, praise him (God Narayana)

25.Prakruthhiya gunadhindakattuvadedhu nanaa vikruthigolaggagibhava dalli,
Sukha Dukha vumbabommadi jeevaru, Dukkakhe dooralimpa enageneye

Tied  by the properties of nature are  the  various   defects   in the samsara,
The souls created by Brahma  ,suffer joy and sorrow and they  are  not equal to me  and are far off from me.

26.Obban avanaa maga mattobban avana momma, obban avanige sahayana,
Obbanavana poruvamattibaru avaniganji abbaradalavaga sulivaru.

One of them is his son(Brahma) , another  is his grand son(Shiva), one of them is his bed,(Adhisesha)
One of them carries him (Garuda) and two of them scared of him always go round him in the sky (Surya and Chandra)

27.Obbanavana naamakanji bechcuva gada , sarbarigavaa amrithava,
Sarbarigava amrithavanu nisuva avanobbane niranishta  niravadhya.

Is there not  one who got scared by his name  gets perturbed(Yama), necter  to everyone,
He is the only one giving nectar    to every one, who is not undesirable  nor has any blame

28.Niranishta niravadhya emba shruthyarthava oredu nodalu naraharige,
Naraka yaathane salla durithadhi duranige  marula mana bandanthenudiyadhiru

With proper   discipline , Narasimha  can never be blamed, so say   the meaning  of all Vedas,
Oh ignorant one  , he is far  removed  from suffering like hell and they are  only your misunderstandings

29.Ondhondhu gunagalu iddhavu  ivaralli, sandanisive bahu dosha,
Kundella ashtilladha  mukundane tana gendu, indire pathiye nenedalu

He has several  merits in him, in  others many  flaws are present,
Goddess  Lakshmi thought that Lord Vishnu is her groom without  even a speck of doubt

30..Deva,rishi  viprara kondhu thanna   udaradhalli ittu, theevratha haarige durithava,
Bhava janarembare aakaladhele shivana  lingava nilisuvare

After killing devas, sages   and Brahmins, He keeps them in his belly during deluge, has  that hari any flaws,
Will those  who know the truth say, that on the banyan leaf  he worshipped  Shiva linga?

31.Hasivu , trishe, jare  marana roga rujinagalemba,asura pisachigala  bhayavemba,
Vyasana, barabaraadu emba naarayange, pasu modalagineneyadu.

To Narayana  , hunger , thirst, death, disease, mental diseases,
Fear to Asuras and ghosts,  does not  arise and he  does  not have hunger  or any other thing  .

32.Taa dukhiyadare surararatiya kaledu modava ivudake dharegagi,
Madhava  baahane kesarollumulugidava parara, bandhipa kesarabidusuvane

If it is possible to become sad, to  remove the sorrows  of deva and others, will Madhava,
Come down to earth , get dipped in mud  and  remove them and give them joy.

33.Bommana  layadalliiddavage  laya   unte, janma layavilladhavanige,
Ammiyanunni  sidha yashdeyagidale  , amma ivage hasirishenyunte

Vishnu was  there  when Brahma got dissolved, does he have  destruction , without death  where is birth,
Did Yasodha who   fed  Lord Krishna exist then, no, How can  he then have   hunger.

34.Aga bhakshya bhojyavittupoojisuva, yogigalnte, dhana  dhanyaa,
AAga dorakumbudhe paka  maduva vahni, matta galelihudu vicharisiro .

At the time of deluge  where there  yogis who offered food and worshipped, and at the time of deluge,
Was cereals and wealth available, think about   the availability   at that time?

35.Rogavaniva vata pitha asleshma, aaga kudduvade rameyodane,
Bhogisuvage  durithava nenevare  I gunadhige  duritha nenevare eneyunte

At the time of deluge were  there vatha, Pitha, And Kapha   which caused diseases to Narayana,
Did those  who enjoyed    with Lakshmi , have at any time  experience difficulties, Is there any one equal to this treasure  of good characters?

36.Ramme  deviya ranaappi kondippudu,rammeyarasagerati kanniru,
AmoghaIf the great  virayavu chalisadare pralayadalikumaarar yake janisaru.

 Narayana  embraced Goddess Lakshmi  then , see  the play between Lakshmi   and Narayana,
If the great  virility  is released, at the time of deluge   why were no children born.

37.Ekatra  nirnitha sashtra artha  paratrapi  , bekamba nyayava tiliduko.
Sri Krishnan obbane sarva doshakke silukkenembodu salahalike

Understand that the meaning of Sasthras told in one place  should be taken to  other places,
Only sri Krishna is free from all defects and   knowing this will lead you to salvation.

 38.Yella  jagava  nungi dakkisi kondavage salladu rogarujinavu,
Balla  vaidhyara keli  ajirthi mulavalladilla samastha  rujinavu.

He is one who swallows all worlds , digests them and does not have mental  or physical diseases,
Ask any great doctor , for all diseases  are  the root cause  indigestion

39.Intha murthiya olakomba naraka bahu bhranthaa ninelinda toruvelo,
SAnteya   marula hogelo ninna maata  santaru  keli  sogasaru.

Are you  mad, Can you show any Hell that can  contain the form of this great god,
Oh silly person , get  lost , hearing   your such words   the saints would not  be happy

40.Sri Narayanara janani janakara naanemba  vaadi nudiyelo.
Jaanaru darind ariya moola  roopava tori sri Narasimhanaavathara

Oh  debater Do not tell that  you are  the mother  and father  of Narayana,
Wise people know that   the root form   is his incarnation   as Lord  Narasimha

41,Ambudhiya  udakadali odedu  muddhida  korma, emba sri Hariya pitanaaru,
Emba  Sri Hariya  pitanaaru  adarinda svayambhugalella  avathara

The tortoise came out from ocean barking it is Hari  ,   who is his father?
So who  is father  of Hari and  so incarnations are all born of their own.

42 DEvakiya garbhadalli devan avatharisida, Bhavavanu  balla  Vivekigalu,
Yi  vasudheyolage krishange   janmava   ava pariyalli nudiveyo

The God took incarnation  in womb of Devaki, Are the wise people  able to understand it?
In this world   the birth of Lord Krishna,  took place in what manner, Can you   tell how?

43.Avalisuvagayasoda  devige  , deva  tannolage hudugidda,
Bhuvanavellava toridudillave aa Vishnu garba doladaguvane

Did not he show the entire world  to lady Yasoda  while yawning,
Within   himself , will that  Vishnu   be contained   within her womb?

44.Aaneya maanadalli  adagusidavarunte, aneka koti ajaandavaa,
Anu roma kupadalli alda sri Hariya janani jataravu  olagumbude

Can an elephant  be made to fit in a measuring cup, Can that Hari  who  ruled/measured ,
Several   crores of universes within his hair root , be contained  in mother’s womb?

45.AAdarinda Krishnanige janmavembadu salla.madananivane  kumaranu,
Kadanadi kanegala ivanedege sevane, sundateribivanintu  silkuvane.

Because of that there  is no birth to Krishna, Lord Manmatha  is his son,
Standing against him, will a son shoot arrows at his father’s chest? How can he be attracted  by women?

46.Adarinda  Krishanige para nari sanghava ko vidaraada budharu nudidavare,
Sadarave yi maatu sarva vedangulumudadinda taavu stuthisuvabu?

Because of that Krishna wise men say Krishna has no contact with other women.,
Are these  words right? Out of happiness  you and the  Vedas   praise him.

47.Endha bhagavathada chandada  naattanu manda maanava  manasige,
Tanduko jagake kaivalyaviva   mukundage kundu  korate  salladu

Oh  foolish men , learn  by heart  the wonderful   words  told in Bhagavatha,
To Lord Hari   who grants   salvation to the world  , cannot have defects or shortcomings

48.Hathu varshadha kelagemakkalattikeyalli chitha striyarige eraguvade,
Arti inda  archisida gokuladakanneyara sathya sankalpaberatidda

When boys below ten years   are playing, would  their mind be attracted by women?
True  imagination would be that girls  of Gokula   worshipped him with devotion.

49.Hathu mathu aaru saasira  striyalli  hathu hattenipa kramadinda,
Puthrara  veeryadalli srushisidavarunte arthiyinda srushti  harigidu.

Would one have virility  to create in a sequence ten children
In sixteen thousand wives? This  creation was a mere expression of joy of Hari

50..Roma romakoopa kotivrikangala nirmisi gopaalarateralisida,
Namma  sri Krishnanu makkalasrijisuva mahime ballavarige salahalige

From each of the roots of his hair he created  crores of wolves to push away  GOpa Balas,(from Gokulato Brindavana)
The greatness of way of creating children of Sri Krishna,will protect those  who understand

51.Mannaneke medde  emba  yasodhage sanna bayyologejagangala,
Kannare torida namma sri krishnana ghannate ballavarige   salahalike

To the yasoda  who told  that he  swallowed mud, in his small mouth of Krishna,
 All the universes  appeared before her eyes, Those who understand his greatness  will be protected.

52.Narada  sanakadhi modalanda  yogigalu naariyarige marulahaare,
Orante sri krishnana adigadigeraguvare aaradhisutha  bhajjisuvare.

Can ladies attract  Narada  ,SAnaka     and all  other sages,
Would such sages bow to lord Krishna  at each step they take and would they keep on worshipping  him?

53.Ambuja sambhava trayambaka nodalaada nambidavarige vara  vita,
SAmbhramadha suraru ellashtu kopakkeimbidravina bhajissuvare

To Lord Brahma , to lord Shiva and to all  who believed  in him, he gave boons,
If he had anger as much as gingelly, would all  devas worship him with all  eagerness.

54avan angushtava toleda ganga  devi paavanalennisimereyale,
Jeevana seruva paapavakalevalu yi vasudevage enayunte

Ganga   who washed   his thumb, became famous as  one who purifies,
She became one who removes  the sins that get  added to life of beings, Is there  any one equal  to vasudeva?(whose toe she washed)

55.Kilbisha viddare agra pujeyanu saraba rayara sabheyolage,
Ubbida mnadinda dharmraja maaduvane kobbadirelo paravaadi.

iF sin were  there in Krishna, would dharma puthra  have honoured him,
with top worship with great pride in the hall?oh you who argues  do not be arrogant.

56.Saavillada haarige naraka yaathane salla jivantharige nrakadalli,
Novanivane nimma  yama  devanu gova nee hariya gunavarriya

To  the deathless Hari , who does not go  to hell, would you god   Yama,
Cause  pain in hell to those who are alive, Oh Cowherd  did you understand  the characters of Hari?

57.Narakavaaluva   yama  dharma raya tanna narajanmadologe pora lisi,
Marali   tan narakadali poralisi koluvanu kuru n inna kuhaka koladalli

Would Yamadharma Raja  who ruled over hell send himself   to human birth
And again sent himself to hell to be tortured, oh silly person  your bad arguments lie in Mud

58Bomana nuru varsha pariyantha  pralayadalli summeneyaagimalagirda namma,
Narayanange hasi trishe jare marana duskarmangalu todasuvare.

During deluge , which is hundred  years  life span of Brahma, Lord Narayana without any work  ,
Was lying down and for him hunger , thirst  , disease , death  or sorrow due to past  Karma did not apply

59.Rakkasara astragalinda gaayavade yada akshaya  kayada sri Krishna,
Tuchcha yama bhatara sastrakalu ukuvanalla hucha nee  hariya gunavariya.

Due to the weapons of Rakshasas  , Sri Krishna  with never fading body  did not get wounded,
The weapons of the silly  soldiers of Yama  do not bother him at all, Oh mad person   you do not know the powers of Hari

60.KIchchanungidanu namma  sri  Krishnanu tucha narakadolu analanige,
Bechuvanalla adarinda ivage naraka mechuvaralla budharella

Our Krishna once swallowed  forest fire and so the fire of hell  was silly   to him,
And he was  not bothered about it and wise men do not accept that  he was  in hell

61.Maneyali kshameya talada vira bhata, rana rangadalli  kshamisuvane,
Anuvaagi   namma hitake  manadologina Krishna muniva kaalake mahattaha.

Will the valorous soldier  who cannot  withstand patience  at home , bear  it in the battle  field,
Krishna  becoming  one who lives in our mind as  an atom for our well being, at time of death  grows in to huge form.

62.Thaya potteyindhamula roopava thori  aayudha sahitha poravantha,
Nyaaya kovidharu puttithanembare  baayige  bandanthe bogalidiru

His basic form  armed  with  weapons  came out  of the womb  of his mother,
Would experts in justice  say that  he was born, do not bark  all words  which come to your mouth

63.Utta  pitambara thotta bhushanagalu yitta nava rathnadha  mukutavu,
Mettidha kuruha yedayalli torida shri vittala puttidhanenabahudhe

Wearing yellow silk, wearing ornaments, crown studded with nine  valuable gems,
Having  the mark of sri vathsa on his chest , Can we say God Vittala   was born

64.Risha hamsa mahishamushaka  vahana very maanisaranthe suliva surarella,
Eseva deveshanara sahasakkemanidaru kusumana bhanige sariyunte.

Climbing on swan , vehicles such as buffalo or mouse all the devas  looking like  humans  went around,
Trying to shoot their weapons on God Krishna just for adventure but are  they equal to him who has a lotus on his navel?

65.Ondhondhu gunagal.u yiddavu yivaralli sandanisave  bahu dosha,
Kundelli ishtadhilladha mukundane tannagendu indire patiye nenedalu.

He has several  merits in him, in  others many  flaws are present,
Goddess  Lakshmi thought that Lord Vishnu is her groom without  even a speck of doubt

66.Inthu  chinthisi reme santa raamana padavu sathosha  mannadi nenevutha,
SAnthoosha mannadi nenevuta tanna kantaniddedege nadedalu.

Thinking thus  Lakshmi with a   mind thought   about  sri rama’s feet,
With a happy mind, thinking she walked to the place where  her  darling was standing

67.Kandarapa kotigala geluva   saundaryada chandavagidda cheluvana,
Indire kandu ivane tanage  pati, yenda avana balige  nadedalu

Seeing him Winning over crores of Manmatha, with perfect  features of beauty  and being handsome one,
Lakshmi decided that  he will be her husband and walked  towards  to the place  he was.

68.Yitharada   surarasuttanodutha, lakshmi chittava kodadhenasunagutha,
Chithava  kodade  nasunagutha bandu purushothama  kandu   namisidalu.

Like this seeing the surrounding devas, without  even thinking about them, smiling gently,
Without bothering her mind and smilinmg pleasantly, seeing the great lord Vishnu, saluted him.

69.nAanaa  kusumagalinda maadidha  maaleya shrinaari   thanna karadhalli,
Pinakandharada trivikrama rayana koralina melittu  namasidalu.

A garland made  of various types of flowers was taken in her hand  by Lakshmi,
And was put on the neck of TRivikrama   who had a perfect neck  and she  saluted him.

70.Utha pombatteya tottabharanagulu itta  navarathnadha mukutava,
Dushta mardanenba   kadeya pendegala vattidha harige   vadhuvadalu.

Wearing golden cloths, wearing ornaments  , placing a crown of nine  costly gems,
Wearing heaps  of  wrist  ornaments, she became wife of hari  killer  of bad people.

71.kombu chengahalegalu, maddalagalu,  Thabatte bheri patahagalu,
Bhom bhom emba shankha dollumaurigalu, ambudheeya manayally esedavu. 

The ocean’s wedding hall  resounded  with horn , brass  instruments, one sided drums   big drums  , kettle drums,
Making sound of bhoom, bhoom, conch , heavy dreams and smaller drums

72.Arghya paadya achamanamodalaadha   shodasa arghya pujeyitta  naliyage,
Oggada manadindadhare yeredane  sindhu sadgati yittu salahenda

The ocean  performed   sixteen type of hospitalities like water for drinking, washing, inner cleaning
And such other things, with a full heart and he gave her to him  by pouring water and said, “protect me by giving salvation”

73.Vedoktha  manthra peli Vasishta , Narada  modalaada muniindraru mudadinda,
Vadhu varra  mele shobhanada akshadayittu yanu modaviyutta  taledaru  .

Great saints like Vasishta and Narada   recited suitable manthras from Vedas with joy,
And they showered auspicious   worshipped rice on bride and groom making them happy.

74.SAmbrahmadinda ambaradi   dundhubhi molagalu tumburu  naradaru  tuthisutta,
Tumburu Naradaru   tutisitta padidaru pithambara dharnana mahimeya

With great celebration  , with  dhundhbhi  playing the drum , tumburu  and Narada  praying,
With thumburu  and narada  playing  , they read   about the greatness of  one who wears yellow silk.

75.DEva nariyarella  bandu odagipaathakaru   ovi  paadutta kunidaru,
DEva taruvina hoovinamalegalu, shrivarana mele  karedaru.

All deva maidens came and assembled  gandharwas were singing with devotion  and danced,
The flower garlands  that were  brought  by devas were put  on the bride   and groom

76.Muttu tatnangalinda tettisada haseya  nava rathna mantapadi pasarisi,
Rathna  mantapadi pasirisi Krishnana muttaidayarella  karedaru.

The stage was studded with Rathna  and pearls and nine types of gems were spread out there,
And after  Rathnas  were spread  out , all the sumangali women called Krishna   and his consort

77.Sesha sayanane baa  dosha  durane  baa , Bhasura kaaya  hariye  baa,
Bhasura kaaya  Hariye baa , Sri Krishna vilasa dinda emma  hasege  baa.

Oh Lord who sleeps on Adhisesha come  , Oh lord who removes all ills come  , Oh Hari  with a shining body  come,
Oh Hari with  shining body come , Oh Krishna, please come to our stage   with pleasure.

78.Kanja lochanane baa, Manjula murthi baa, Kunjara vara  dayakane  vaa,
Kunjara  vara dayakane baa, sri Krishna niranjana   namma hasige  baa

Oh lotus eyed  one come  , Oh Handsom person come  , Oh Lord who gave   boons to elephant come,
Oh Lord who gives boons to elephant come, Oh  flawless Krishna come  to our stage

79.AAdhi kaladallialaadelaya mele sri deviyarodanepavadisida,
Sri Deviyarodane pavadisida, Sri Krishnsa  modadindemma  hasege  baa.

In the earlier days  He was lying down on a banyan leaf  on see with Goddess Lakshmi,
He was lying down with Goddess  Lakshmi, Oh Krishna come with joy to our stage

80.AAdhi karananaagi aaga malagiddu , moda jivara tannudaradalli,
Moda  jeevara  thannudaradalli, imbitta anaadi murthiye  hesege  baa

As   the primary cause   you slept keeping in his belly happy souls,
Oh lord who kept happy souls in his belly, oh lord without beginning, come to our  stage

81.Chinmaya evan empa nimma  manegalalli  jyotirmayavada padmadalli,
Rammeyarodagudi ramisuva sri  Krishna, namma maneya hasige baa

Saying that   you are pervaded with divinity, in your homes, sitting together,
On a  lotus   with goddess  lakshmi he enjoys, Oh Krishna, please  come to the stage of our homes

82.Nanaa avatharadalli nambida  surarige, aanadaviva karuni  baa,
Ananda viva  karuni  baa, Sri Krishna sri nariyoradane   hasege  baa

To the devas who had faith in you during   various incarnations, mercifully grant  happiness  come,
Mercifully grant happiness  come, Sri Krishna   along with Lakshmi come to our stage.

83.Bommana  maneyalli  rannadapithadi  kulitu, ommanadi nehavamaaduva,
Nirmala pujeya karigomba Sri  Krishna parabommama  murthiye  hasige vaa

After seating on a jeweled   seat in Brahma’s home,along with Brahma showing single minded devotion
Please accept  our Pure worship , Oh Krishna   of form of  Parabrahma, please come to stage

84.Mukhya prana  maneyallibharathiyaaga likki badisida rasaayanava,
SAkkare   gudida payasava saviyuva rakkasa vairiye hasege  baa.

In the house  of lord Vayu BHarathi served   you  with Rasyana,
And the kheer  was filled with sugar and was liked by you  , Oh enemy of Rakshasa, please come  to the stage

85.Rudrana maneyali rudrani  deviyaru, bhadramantapadi  kullirisi,
Svadannangalannu badisalu kaikomba  muddu narasimha   hasege baa

In the home of rudra, Rudrani seated you  in a safe   seat  ,
And offered you tasty mixed rices which you accepted, Oh darling Narasimha   please come  to the stage

86. Garudana  mel eri gagana  margadalli tarataradi stutipsa sura  striyara,
Mereva gandharvara gaanava saviyuva narahari namma hasege  baa

Climbing on Garuda you travelled through sky and the deva ladies prayed to you  in various ways,
And  you the glorious one  enjoyed music of   gandarwas, Oh oiur Narasimha  please come to the stage

87.NImma annana manayalli sudharma sabheyalli ummeya rasa namisida,
Dharma rakshakanenipa Krishna   krupayinda parama  murthiye hasege  baa

In your brothers(Indras) house, in the hall of Dharma, Parvathy’s consort Shiva  saluted you,
Oh Krishna  is known as protector of Dharma, Kindly  oh divine God come to the stage

88.Indrana manege hogi adithike kundalavittu, andadapujeya kai gondu,
Andada poojeya kai kondu sura  tharuva indiregitta hariye baa

You who went to Indra’s home   and made Aditi wear her ear  globes, and accepted a great worship,
He who accepted   a great  worship[, and gave the flower of Kalpaga tree to Indira(Sathya bhama) , please come to  the stage.

89.Nimma neneva muni hrudayadalli nelasida, dharma rakshakan yenisuva,
Sammata vaaggidha pujeya kaikomba niseema mahima hasege baa.

Your memory resides  in the heart of sages, you  are called  the protector of Dharma,
Your  accept  the worship that is done properly, You have  unlimited greatness, do come to the stage

90.Muttina  sattige, navarathnadha chamara, sutta naiva sura  striyara,
Nrityava nodutha chithra vadhya mangala sampathina hariye   hasege  baa

You have Pearl necklaces, chowrie fan  made of nine type of gems, with deva maidens dancing round you,
You are seeing the dance which is accompanied  by various musical instruments , Oh Hari come to the stage.

91.Ennalu nagutha bandu  haseya mele, vanithe  lakshmi yogada goodi,
Anantha vaibhavadhi kulitha krishnana naalkudinaduthsava nadesidaru

When they  told like this  He came and sat down on the stage along with Goddess Lakshmi,
With endless festivities  they  performed the  wedding of Krishna  who sat down for  four days

92.Atterenipa  gange  yamune saraswathi  bharatti  modalada sura sthriyaru,
Muttina akshatheyannu shobhana  vennutha tanm artiya aliyage   taledaru.

Termed as mother in law  , Ganga, Yamuna, Saraswathi, Bharathi   and other  deva ladies,
Chanting “Be auspicious” showered  pearl like rice, on their beloved son in law

93.Rathnadha aarthige sutta muttane thumbi muttaidarella dhavalada,
Muttaidarella   dhavaladha padana  padutta a lettidare srivarige

For the aarthi with Rathna gems All sumangalis  crowded  around them,
All sumangalis  crowded around them singing songs  they took aarthi to  Goddess Lakshmi

94.Bomma  tannasai  kude  banderagida ummeyarasa namisida,
Ammararellaru   bage bageudugoegala rammeyarasige salisadaru

Brahma with Saraswathi came and worshipped, The lord of Parvathy   saluted them,
All  the deities together offered Goddess Lakshmi  various  type of gifts

95.Sathyaloka  bomma  kausthubha rathnavanitta, muktha suraru mudadinda,
Muthina kanthi sara  Mukhya prananitta mastaka maniya   Shivanitta

Brahma od Sathya loka gave them Kausthubha gem , devas who became free gave pearls,
Lord Vayu  gave shining  chain of pearls and Lord Shiva  gave  gem for the head.

96.Tannarasi  koode  savi nudi  nudivaaga vadanadallidda agnikedadanthe,
Vahni  prathishteya maadi  avanologidda tannahuthiyitta  surarige

When he spoke with his queen he spoke  sweet  cool words, without putting off  the fire residing in the mouth,
And he rekindled the fire and gave his fire  as ahuthi  to the other deities.

97.Kobbida  khalarodisi  amritha anna oottakke, ubbida harshadalli unisalu.
Ubbida harsha dali unnisa bekendhu sindhu  sarabarige deya  maddisida

After driving away the evil rakshasa, the  lord of ocean   prepared nectar like food and with full of joy made people eat,
With full of joy , wishing to make them eat, Lord of ocean(father in law)  showed  kindness  to all.

98.Maavana  maneyallidevarigautha nava danavaru  kedisadebidaendhu  ,
Dhanavaru kedisade   bidarendu sri  Krishna devastri veshava  Darisida

In his father in law’s place, the rakshasas were  intent on spoiling the feast for devas,
And with an intention of not allowing Rakshasas to spoil, Sri Krishna   assumed  a form of a lady

99.THanna   saundarya dinda thannanatha  madiyaada lavanyadhi  merevanija patiya,
Hennu rupava kandu kanne  Mahalakshmi ivaganyarekundu   beragaadalu

Seeing that her lord was  showing his endless beauty   which was  much greater  than herself,
In the form of a lady, the youthful Mahalakshmi was stunned, thinking why does he need her?

100.Lavanya  mayavaada hariya   stri  veshakke  bhavukeyarella marulage,
Maavara  sudheya kramadhinda badisi   thana  sevaka surarigunisida

To the very pretty  woman form of Lord Hari , all those there became enchanted,
The nectar  of the father in (ocean)    was gradually served to   deva    servants(devas)         

101.  Naagana mele  taa malagiddaga   aagale jagava jatanadi,
Aagale jagava jatanadhi dharisendu  naaga baliya nadesida

When he was sleeping  on the top of the serpent, at that time  for protecting the world,
At that time for protecting the world, he  performed wedding of Adhi sesha and  eight  elephants (supporting the world)

102.Kshudheya kalevanava rathnadha maaleya muddhinanda  vaaridhi  vidhigitta,
Chadura  haarava Vayu devarigitta, Vidhuvina kaleya shivagitta

With great joy, the ocean  presented   a garland  of Navarathna   , which satisfies hunger to Brahma,
That clever one gave a garland to Lord Vayu and a portion of the moon  to Lord Shiva

103.Shakra  modaladha dik palakarike sokkida chaudantha gajangala,
Ukkida  manadintha kotta varunamadumakkaalaayushyava belesenda

To Indra and other  guardians of directions  Varuna gave   strong  elephants,
With four horns and said, may the life span of grooms and bride increase

104.Matte devendranege parijathavanitta, chithava seleva  apsara sthriyara,
Hatthu saavira kotta varuna deva hari bhakthiya manadi belesenda

Again the  God Varuna gave   Indra  the wish giving tree   , ten thousand  divine,
Apsara dancers  who steal the mind, and told “grow devotion to Hari  in minds of people”

105.Poleva navarathnadha  raashiya tegetehedu   ulida   amararige   salisida,
Ulida amararige   salisida, samudhralaluhidanavara manegalege

Then the ocean liberally took Navarathna gems to the remaining  devas,
To the remaining devas he gave liberally  and then he sent them back to their homes

106.Unnatha navarathna mayavaada   aranmanayeya,Chen nemagalinda  virachasi  ,
Tanna aliyage sthirava maadikotta innondu   kadeyadi  idadanthe

With  high quality  nava rathna  gems   he built  a palace   following proper rules
And gave it to his son in law, so that  he will  not step out to any place
107. Hayavadana  tanna  priyalaada  lakshumige  jayavitta ksheerambudhiyalli,
Jayavitta Ksheerambudhiyalli Sri  Krishna dayadhi namellara   salehalli

Lord Narayana(Hayagreeva)  gave his sweet heart Lakshmi victory in the ocean of milk,
Gave  victory  in ocean of milk, Let Lord Krishna  mercifully  protect us

108. Yi padana maadida vadhirajendr munige Sri Pathiyada  Hayavadana,
Taapava kaleedu   thanna sri charanasa mipaullittu salhali

To the  sage  Vadhi Raja who composed this , let Lord Vishnu  who is Hayagreeva,
Remove his sufferings   and keep him near his feet and protect him

109.Intu  swapnadalli  kondadisi  konda  lakshmi kantana kanen anisida,
Santara  mechina Vadhi  Rajendra Muni panthadi  pelida padavidhu

Thus Lord Narayana   who is consort of Lakshmi    appeared   in the dream,
Of sage   Vadhiraja who is praised by other saints and told him to write by this method

110.Shriyarasa Hayavadana priya  Vadhi raja raya   rachisida padavidhu
Ayushya  bhavishya dhina   dhinaker hechuvudu niraayasadinda sukhipparu

This is the  poem composed  by saint  Vadhi Raja who was dear  to lord Hayagreeva,
Life span and wealth  would grow to those  who recite and they will enjoy happiness   without any fatigue

111.Bommana Dhinadalli ommomme  yi madhuve krammadhi  madi   vinodisuva,
Namma narayananugu yi rammega diggu diggu asuramohanave narana thane

In one day of Brahma again and again this marriagewas performed   as per rules, let us enjoy,
Let Lord Narayana and Goddess  Lakshmi enjoy this  human which drives away  wicked ones

112.Madhuveya maneyalli yi padana paadidhare, madhu makkailge mudamahudhu,
Vadhuugaligevaale  bhagya dhina dhinake hechuvadu madana ayyana  kripayinda

If this work is sung  in the house  where marriage takes place, The groom and bride  would become happy,
The bride  will have more  marital bliss day by day by the blessings  of Father of Manmatha

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