Saturday, February 29, 2020

Humble request to all parents who happen to read it

Humble  request  to all parents who  happen to read it


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We all know  that as parents  we would like  to pray God  to  protect our children. There  are  no specific prayers to do it .Long long back I stumbled  on a malayalam prayer   addressed  to Lord Guruvauyrappan, which was  soul stirring   and every  morning however  busy I am with tears in my eyes  .When I call  each avathara of Lord Vishnu  to protect my child in a particular  stage My heart simply cries.Here is the prayer

      That prayer typed in English  was posted me  very long ago .One of my great fans  made it a point  to duplicate  it  and distribute  to all her friends, This fell in the hands  of a westerner.He read through It and asked her “Can I read it ?” She is said why not and that gentleman started  reading it in English .Hearing this story from her  I wanted  to make it in to prayer  in Tamil. My friend  Sri Anand  Vaudevan  willingly  translated it in to Tamil .Here  is the prayer

    I knew  that such  prayers  were needed addressed  to other  important popular Gods  .  Though I know , several languages, I am able  to write  and type  only in English

I made   three  English prayers addressed  to Lord Ranganatha, Lord Panduranga  and Lord Puri  Jagannatha , all in English(I thought at least  our young mothers  can use it

My friend Sri  Parthasarathy  Krishnan Vanamali  made  a great translation of the stotra to Lord Ranganatha in Tamil

        Humble request  to all Parents .Please  chant any of the above prayers daily .You would see miraculous   changes  in your children. Please  for  the sake of other children  share it with your friends

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