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Prayers to Lord shiva from Tirumandiram

Prayers   to Lord shiva  from Tirumandiram


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(The Tirumandiram, by Siddha Tirumular is a sacred, monumental work of philosophical and spiritual wisdom rendered in verse form.  Encyclopedic in its vast scope, and written perhaps as early s 200 B.C., it is one of India’s greatest texts, a spiritual treasure-trove, a Sastra containing astonishing insight.Here is a small selection of prayers  to Lord Shiva.)

aI.Prayer to Ganesa

1.Iynthu karathanai  , aanaimukhathanai,
Nandhimakanthanai, jnana  kozhunthinai,

I keep in my mind  and  praise  ,
The one who has   five hands, elephant face,
Who has   tusks like  the crescent of moon,
Who is son of Lord Shiva and who is extremely wise

2.Shivanodu okkumdeivam, thedinumillai,
Bhuvanamkadanthandru, ponoliminnum,

There is no God  comparable  to Lord Shiva,
There is no one comparable to him here,
He is beyond the worlds, who has  a tuft ,
Which shines like gold and sits in lotus like  mind of people.

3.Avanai ozhiyaamararumillai,
Avanandricheyyum    arum thavamillai,

There is no   gods   except   him,
There is no great penance, which avoids him,
Without him , the trinity  cannot do anything,,
Without him, I do not know  the way to heaven.

4.Theeyinum veyyan, punalinumthanniyan,
Cheyinumnallan, aniyannalanbarkku,
Thaayilumnallan, thaazhchadayone.

He is hotter than fire, colder than water,
But   there is no one who knows his greatness,
He is better than our child, he is ornament to his  friends,
He is better than our mother and he has low  hanging tuft.

5.POnnaal purinthittaponchadaiyena,
Pinnaalpirangayiranthavan per  Nandi,

He , whose   golden braid  made of gold,
Is  going down below him is called  Nandi,
And He  is the God    whom I salute,
And there  are no Gods    whom he salutes, is it not?

6.Thaane irunilamthangiviNNainirkkum,
Thaanethadavarai than kadalaage.

HE is the one who lifts the two worlds and also carries the sky,
He himself is the hot   fire    as well as moon and sun,
And he himself  is the blessing that   showers  as rain,
And he himself is the  cool  sea  as well  as huge mountain.

7.KaNNuthalaan , our kaadhalinnirkkavum,

He has  an extra eye, stands   with great   love,
And several people say that  innumerable  devas  died,
And those  in the earth and heaven knowing this,
Are   nor having an understanding , that he is the greatest

8.Kaayam irandumkalanthukodhikkinum,
EEsanuravukkuyethirillai  thane.

Though  we mix asafoetida  and onion  ,
Musk alone   would have  more   perfume,
Thinking Of matchless of god in all countries,
We realise there is no relative  like him.

9.Pirappili pinjakanperarulalan,
Marappilimayaaviruthamumaame  .

Lord Shiva  without birth  gives  great blessings,
Has no death and grants  pleasure for all,
He also never leaves you,  so salute him and if you do,
He will never  forget you and will  grant you stable  wisdom.

10.Inangi nindraan, yemgumaaginindraanum,
Pinanginindran  , pin munaaginindraanum,
Unanginindraan, amarapathinaathan,
Vananginidraarkke, vazhithunaiyaame.

Lord Shiva mixes and stands  everywhere and  is everywhere,
Even if he dislikes a person , he is the one before and after the world,
He is also one who hides and stands and is the  Lord  of Indra,
He is the help  on your path only   to those who salute him.

11.Appanai  , nandiyai  , aaraavamudhinai,
Oppilivallalai , oozhimudhalvanai,
Yepparisaayinumyethumin , yethinaal,
Appariseesanarulperalaame .

You have   to praise the  lord, who is Shiva  , the nectar  you never get satisfied,
The incomparable  philanthropist  ,  the first   one of the world,
Under  all circumstances  and if you  praise  him,
By that  you would get the  blessing of that god.

12.Vazhtha vallaarmanathurujothiyai,
Theerthanaiange , thilaikkindradevanai,
Yethiyum m yemperumaanyendruirainjiyum,

The  light who lives in mind of those  who can praise,
The pure  one who  is in the  god  boiling in the mind,
If we praise him  and beg from him saying “My lord”,
And make him our friend  , we  can get his blessings.

13.POththi yenbaaramararpunithanadi,
Pothiyenbaar  . asurarpunithanadi,
Pothi    yen anbulpoliyavaithene.

The devas will say , he is pure, praise his feet,
The asuras  will say  , he is pure , praise  his feet,
The  humans will say  , he is pure  , praise his feet,
And  praising him  and I made him shine in my love.

14.Manayul irunthavar  , maathavaroppar,
VInayulirunthavar, nesathulnirppar,
Ninayathavarkkuillai , nininbam  thane.

Those   who live in their home  are  equal  to those  who do great penance,
Those  who always  think of him  , would live as his friends,
It is like   a eagle   that  lives on a palm tree ,
Not thinking about his fruit  and not getting it.

15.Adiyaar paravum , amararpiraanai,
Mudiyaalvanangi , mudhalvanaimunnip,

The devotees    who pray   to the lord of devas,
Salute him by head and think    about  ,
The one  who is first is  the greatest God,
And I thought he  is the  forever lamp and attained him.

16.Chooduvan nenjidai , vaippanpiraanyendru,
Paaduvan pal malar thoovipaninthunindru-,
AAduvan, aadiamararpiraanyendru,
Naaduvanyaannindruarvthu    thane.

I will keep his feet on my chest, I will make  the lord to sit on my mind,
I will sing that  he is the lord, I would   worship him with several flowers,
I will dance and wish to go near him as lord  of   all the devas,
And I would wish to have him  and try to know   him.

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