Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Dhanyaril dhanyayaam devi Yasodha (Malayalam)

Dhanyaril dhanyayaam   devi Yasodha

Kadathattu .K.Padmanabha Variar

Translated by

1,Dhanyaril dhanyayaam  Yasodha than,
Kanninnu karpooramayavane,
Oda kuzhal oothi pon mala  charthi nee ,
Odi  vannu yen  munnil aadidenam

1.Oh Lord   who is the   camphor to the  eye,
Of  Lady Yasodha , blessed among the   blessed,
Playing the flute  , wearing the golden garland  ,
Please come running    and dance  before  me.

2.Moolokam palikkum  nin kayyil ullathum  ,
Kali mekkum verum kol aanallo,
Eeradiyaai  lokam monnum alannathu,
Yee randu kunji kaal  kondanallo.

2.Though you    are the one who looks   after  the three worlds,
What you have in hand is a stick used to herd   the cattle,
And is not using   your twin  baby   feet,
That  you measured   the three worlds in two steps.

3.Kunnu yeduthu annu  kudayao  pidichathu,
Yevvannam  yi kunji kayyinaale,
Kaal thaaril  kuramba ayachoru  vedanum,
Perthum  nee  sikshayai   mukthiyeki.

3.Was it not with your baby little hands   that,
You lifted   a hill and held   it as   an umbrella,
And were you not the one   who gave as punishment ,
The salvation to the hunter  who shot an arrow at your feet.

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