Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Guruvayrappa ninde Thiru mumbil (Malayalam)

Guruvayrappa  ninde Thiru mumbil

Kadathanattu  .K.Padmanabha  Varrrier

Translated by

1.Guruvayrappa  ninde thirumumbil  vannu jnan,
Iru kaayyum koopi  vanangunnithaa  ,
Marakalkku marvaam   nin  THirumeni yennende  ,
Nira kannaal   oru nokku  Kandidaavu

1.Oh Guruvayrappa  I  have come before your divine presence ,
And I am saluting you floding both my hands  ,
I do not  know when   I would be able to see  just once ,
Your divine body which is hidden from the Vedas  , with my fully  open eyes.

2.Kala venu Ghana  sravanathaal,  yennu jnan ,
Pulakathil  kanjukam charthidaavu,
Ali varnaa  nin Thiru namam japichende ,
Gala  naadham  gadhgadham aarnidaavu.

2,When  will  I after  hearing  the  sweet music of your flute  ,
Be able to offer   you an armour with great sentimental joy  ,
Oh black coloured one  when  would    the sound from my throat  ,
Chanting your divine names    start   faltering out of joy.

3.Paalaazhi manga thalodum nin thamara ,
Kazhalukal  , yen hruthil oonnidenam,
Thiru nakha chandrika  kondende karalile  ,
Parithapamirulum ottagathideenam.

3.You  should keep your lotus like   feet   which ,
Are   massaged  by  the  lady  of milky ocean in my mind,
And with your divine moon like nails   you should,
Completely uproot the   worries  in my mind.

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