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Narayanaya Nama (In Malayalam)

Narayanaya  Nama (In Malayalam)

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1.Narayanaya Nama, Narayanaya  Nama ,
Narayanay nama, Narayanam.

Salutations to Narayana, Salutations to Narayana,
Sautations to Narayana , Oh  Narayana

2.Palazhi ven thira   thalodi thozhunnu , thava-
Padangalen  hrudaya padmangalil,
Mahendra  neela mani   peedathil vechu , kani,
Kaanaan  varam  thariga  Narayana.

2.Oh  Narayana    please give me  a boon to see in the morning first,
Your feet which are caressed  by  the waves  of ocean of milk,
Placed on  the   seat  made of  great  Indra’s blue   gem ,
Which is   the lotus  of my mind  .

3.Lakshmi kadaksha   dala malyangal   veezhum adi ,
Vakshassilulla   nava  rathnangale ,
Moodum muneendarrude   poojaa prasada malar  ,
Choodaan varam thariga  Narayana.

3.Oh Narayana  please  give me a boon to decorate  my hair ,
With   flower offered in  worship   used by   the great king of saints  ,
Which used to cover  the garland of  vision  of  Goddess  Lakshmi,
Which used   to shed  the precious gems  from your bottom chest.

4.Kalangal  thorum   avatharangalaai   avani,
Palichidum   kamala lakshmi pathe  ,
Padam namichu  thirunamakshara valikal  ,
Padaan varam  thariga  Narayana 

4.Oh Narayana   please give me a boon to salute,
Your feet and sing  your   divine   names  ,
Oh Consort of  Lakhsmi of the lotus, who looks after,
The earth   by taking several incarnation over time.

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