Monday, June 5, 2017

Man tharapth hari darsan ko aaj -A hindi BHajan

Man tharapth hari darsan ko aaj  -A hindi BHajan

Shakeel  Badayuni

Sung by
Mohammad  Rafi

Music direction by
Naushad ali

TRanslated by

(This bhajan   from the famous  film  Baiju Bawara  (    -this video has been  watched by 15  lakh people) )    has  moved  very many   devout Hindu hearts  , but  written, music composed   and sung by musical geniuses of that era  who were   followers  of Islam)

Hari om, Hari Om  , hari Om , hari om

Man tharapth hari darsan ko aaj,
More  thum bin  bigare   saagare kaaj,
Binati   karat  huan  , rakhiyo laaj,

My mind  is beating today  for seeing Hari,
Without   you all my   activities  have been degenerated
I am appealing to you  , please  protect my shame.

Tumare dwaar  kaa main   hum jogi,
Hamari  oar  najar kab hogi,
Suno more byaakul  man kaa baaj,

I am   the Yogi   who is standing in  your door,
When is your sight    going to fall on me,
Please  hear   the sorrows  of my sad mind

Bin guru   jnaan  kahan se  paoon,
Dijoo  daan  hari gun gaaun,
Sab guni   jan pe  thumaara  raaj

Without Guru when can I get  wisdom,
Please   give  charity so that  I would sing  the greatness  of Hari,
Your rule   is on all    good people

Murali manohar   aas naa thodo,
Dukh bhanjan  moraa  sath  na chodo,
Mohe  darsan bikshhaa   de do aaj

Hey pretty Krishna    with a flute  , do not break my desire ,
Do not  ever leave   the  destruction of my  sorrow,
Please    grant today   your Darsan    as alms

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