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Maha periyava suggests a short cut to read Ramayana daily

Maha periyava   suggests a short cut to read Ramayana daily

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It  would be great  if each of us   read  Ramayana   daily . There are many easy methods   to do it. One would be to recite   one Sloa Ramayana given by

Eka sloki Ramayanam (Ramayana  in one stanza)

Aadho Rama  thapo vananu gamanam, Hathwa mrugam kanchanam,
Vaidehi haranam, jatayu maranam, Sugreeva sambhashanam,
Bali nigrahanam, samudhra tharanam, Lanka pureem dahanam,
Paschad Ravana Kumbha karna madanam, Ethat ithi Ramayanam

Once Rama  went to forest,
He chased the deer,
Sitha was kidnapped,
Jatayu was killed, There were talks with Sugreeva,
Bali was killed,
The sea was crossed,
Lanka was burnt,
And later Ravana and Kumbha karna,
Were also killed.
This in short is the story of Ramayanam.

Maha  Periyava has given us   a method of reading one page summary  -

But when his devotees  wanted a still  shorter   version   which he   could repeat   again and again  , he Gave  this   eleven line  Summary. You would first find it typed in english, then its  english meaning followed  by the  lines   typed in Tamil . Please  do read it  once a day ir as many times a day   as possible .Apart from getting   the blessings of Maha  Peruyavaa , you would also get the  blessings  of Lord Anjaneys.

Sri Ramam, Raghu kula  Thilakam,
Shiva dhansagrihatha ,
Sita hastha  Karam 
Angulyaabharana shobitham,
Choodamani darsana  karam ,
Anjaneya  Masrayam,
Vaidehi manoharam,
Vanara SAinya sevitham,
Sarva mangala  Karyaanukoolam,
Sathatham  Ramachandra  Palaya Maam
Sri Ram  Jaya Ram

Sri Rama, the greatest  of RAghu clan,
He held  the bow  of Shiva   and broke it,
He  held   the hand of Sita,
He  shined wearing  the  ornament of a ring,
He looked  at the g hair brooch of Sita holding in  his hand,
He  depended  on  Anjaneya,
For saving    the pretty Sita.
He was served  by the  monkey army,
All auspicious  things happened and  his job   was got  done,
Let Always  God RAmachandra  look after me,
Sri Ram, Hail Ram

ஸ்ரீ ராமம்  ரகுகுல  திலகம் 

சிவதனு சாக்ரிஹத
சீதா ஹஸ்தகரம் 

அங்குல்யா பரண சோபிதம் 

சூடாமணி தர்சனகரம்

ஆஞ்சநேய மாஸ்ரயம் 

வைதேஹி மனோகரம்

வானர சைன்ய சேவிதம்


ஸ்ரீ ராமச்சந்திர

ஸ்ரீராம் ஜெய்ராம் 


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