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Athma bodha keerthanam (Tamil) of Poonthanam

Athma  bodha  keerthanam  (Tamil)
(song about  realization of soul)


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1.AAdhiyile   adwitheeyanaanathoru chithirunthu,
Vadhamulla vadhikalkku vadamatha   chithirunthu

In the beginning   there  was divine God  who was  no two,
To  the  arguing  arguers , it is a God   without   argument.
(I have translated  Chithirunthu as God –Possibly the author meant  Sidhi irunthu-Sidhi   was there)

2.jnamulla jnaikalkku  jnam atha   chithirunthu,
Karmamulla  karmikalkku  karmam atha  chithirunthu.

To those  wise men with  wisdom, it is a  god   without wisdom,
To those workers   who has work, it is a God   without work.

3,Mohamulla mohikalkku  , mohamaththa  chithirunthu
Dehamulla dehikalkku   dehamatha chithirunthu

To those passionate men  who has passion , the God without passion,
To those men with body who has a body  , the God   without  body.

4,Kariyamum karanamum yekaya  chithirunthu,
Kalaparam vyomaparam brahma param  chithirunthu.

The  God in  whom the cause  and action are  united,
The god who is after  time  , after  sky and after  Brahmam.

5.Sathu  chithu aanandamenna chathirangal othi nindhu,
Adveethiya chithil  nindru moola  sakthi than unarnthu.

The  sastras  were telling  Sath, Chith  , ananda,
And the moola Sakthi woke  up from  the divinity of Advaitha.

6.Mukkunamaam  prakruthi   rendu sakthikalai  pirinjirinthu,
Vikshepa   aavaranangal  yende uthamanmaar  chollidinthu.

The prakruthi   which  is sath, chith  and Ananda has  transformed in to two powers,
Projecting  up  and its  covering  up    say  the   great people.

7.Vikshepa   sakthiyile thathuvangal  vandhu  unanthu,
Thathuvangal irupathi naalum  appo vanthezhunthu.

The philosophy  of the power of projecting up, once realized,
Then you will know   the twenty  four  principles.

8.Chithu maracha  aavarana  sakthiyippol maranchirunthu,
Budhi , chitha maadhi yantha karanangalum vandhu  unarnthu.

The  Power of Avarana   which hides divinity, is hiding  ,
Wisdom  and mind   and all sort of senses  from beginning to end.

9.Rajjuvile pannagam poal, midhyayenno   chathirangal,
Sookthiyile   rajatham poal viswamenno   chathirangal?

Like the  rope   and the serpent, are  sastras  only imagination,
Or like the  silver  of the  good sayings  , are  Sastras   the world?

10.Darppanathil prathi mukham poal viswaenno  chathirangal,
Abhra  varnnamenna poale viswamenno    chathirangal?

Just  like  our image  in the mirror, are  Sastras   the world,
Just like the colour of  Mica  , are  SAstras  , the world?

11.Vasudeva, vasudeva, vasudeva,  vasudeva,
Vama puradheesa Jagannatha vibho Vasudeva

Oh Vasudeva, Oh Vasudeva, Oh Vasudeva, Oh Vasudeva,
Oh lord of Vama pura, Oh Jagannatha, Oh Lord Vasudeva.

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