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Paarum –porum (see -suffecient/come to an end )-Tamil of Poonthanam

Paarum –porum (see  -suffecient/come to an end )-Tamil


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1,Kannan  unnikale paarum,
Kanninnu  kouthukamathu  porum

See  the child  Krishna,
The curiosity  of eyes  would  come to an end.

2,Kananam yenna aasayaale paarum Rama, Rama,
Kanavum  , nettavumini  porum

See  with  desire  to see, Rama, Rama,
The seeing  and achievement   would be sufficient.

3.kIndi yedothudu yennathu parum, Rama, Rama
Kandikkanakonnathu   porum

Take the kindi  and see  whether  it is yours  , Rama  , Rama,
It would be sufficient  if you  chastise.

4.Keerthangal cheithu  kondu paarum, Rama, Rama,
Dhoothanai  nadannathu porum

Compose musical  songs and see  Rama, Rama,
It would be sufficient for you being a   evil person

5.Kundinnu karayerum vazhi paarum  Rama, Rama,
Kundinirachatrhu    porum

See methods to go out from  this hole , Rama Rama
It is sufficient  for you  to sit  in the hole

6.Koodeyullor nasichathu  parum Rama, Rama,
Kootam koodi nadannathu  porum

See  the  destruction people   who were with you, Rama, Rama,
It is sufficient to walk  together  as a crowd

7.Kedu theernnu povaan vazhi paarum, Rama, Rama,
Kedukal pani cheythathu    porum

See way   to put an end to bad things, Rama, Rama
It is sufficient to further  do bad things

8.Kesavande  vilasathe  parum , Rama, Rama
Kesam chikki  nadanthathu  pothum

See  the  address  of  lord Kesava Rama, Rama,
It is sufficient  to walk  with entangled hair.

9.Kaida bari poove ullil paarum ,  Rama Rama,
Konjalode thirumukham  paarum , rama, rama

See inside   the thazham poo , Rama, Rama,
See  the  divine face  with lisping  Rama, Rama

10.Chanchalaakshi veetil ottam porum,
KOdi  surya  prakasathe vparum  , Rama, rama

It is sufficient to run to homes of inconsistent women,
See the luster  of one   crore  suns, Rama, Rama

11, kodi vaththa nadannathu porum,.
Kauthukamaam  Krishna  roopam  pArum, Rama, Rama

It is sufficient    to walk drying   crores,
See   the form  of Krishna    with joy,  Rama, Rama

12.kaushalam  uruttellam  porum,
Kanmashangal  neengi  vazhi paarum, Rama, Rama

It is suffeciend   to   do  tricks and lies,
See that all that is bad  is put to an end  , Rama , Rama

13.Karmam cheithu  nasichathu  porum,
Vaama  geha  naadhane  nee  parum, Rama, Rama

It is sufficient   to get destroyed  by doing karma.
See the lord  vamapurswara , Rama, Rama

14.Kama  margamellam porum
It is sufficient to adopt   the way  of passion

                        Mattu Maari
                        The style    has changed

15.Athinaascharyathe  nana perodu   cholluvan, Rama, Rama
Oyaathe  janam mozhinthu tolanchuthe   Rama, Rama

The surprise for it can be told   to various people  , Rama, Rama
Without  rest people keep on telling  , Rama, Rama

16.Sruthi yukthi, anubhava  mukthi kidachuthe  Rama, Rama,
Intha mannin podi  poale yennamthulaayaa, Rama, Rama

The  trick from Vedas, the  salvation  from experience  , I got  , Rama, Rama,
Like the powder  of this earth , they  cannot  be  counted  Rama, Rama

17.varum kol  jeevaale   janmam yeduthathu  porum , Rama, Rama,
Nin kunkal maandu piranthu maranthathellam yenni parum parum

It is sufficient for us   to be born as  beings, Rama , Rama
Think of how  you  were born , died   and forgot about  it , see, see

18.perum peru vaazhvum mei undirunthathu, porum , porum,
Aadhi brahmavu vinamaaka ponathai  parum parum

Great names and prosperous lives   are there  only till death, sufficient, sufficient,
The  primeval Brahma    was not able   to do anything, sufficient, sufficient

19.mOha  viharam , anartha paramparai porum , porum
Janma mochanamaakum vazhi namukku   athangu  parum parum

The picnic to passion  leads to meaningless family  sufficient sufficient
See   see for  a path to   get freedom    from birth

20.Dehabhimanathe  vittu vittu minni  porum porum
Indha jeevan aaru, athmavaru yennum  vicharichu parum parum

It is sufficient  if we shine leaving   attachment to our body, sufficient
See who is this being, who is this soul and think about it, see

21.Othi padithathai  manthra  garvangal  porum porum
Chitha yurappatha karyangalaale pala neru parum parum

Pride  of  having  learnt   the Manthras  sufficient , sufficient
See  truth in many aspects where  mind is not strong, see

22.Ungal sethuvum kasiyum, theerthavum  sarghayum  porum porum
Nalla desikan aarennu thedi  purapettu parum parum

It is   sufficient to  have our efforts to see  Rameswaram,  Kasi  , sacred waters
See to  search   to get   a good  Guru  for yourself

23.Karanamillatha  kariyam  poi  vannar yengal  desikangal,
Indha kanachilam  poale kandu kathu  chonnar  yengal   desigar.

Just like  the action without cause  , our Guru came,
Just like   this  seeing  mirage , our Guru   told us

24.appol sachithanandane  seshikkum yennar  yengal desigar

Then Our  Guru told only   the divine   joy   wil remain.

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