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Unartthu pattu of poonthanam

Unartthu pattu
(song to wake up)


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(The first Suprabatham of tamil was composed in 9th Centuary and that in Sanskrit  in the year 1430 AD.Poonthanam  who lived between (1547-1640)   has  this  great prayer  to wake up his lord .Can we call  it a Suprabatham?)

1.Palli kkurupoo amarumenna kanakke  nin mei,
Pillarkku urappu janani vacha samsayam may,
Ullil  karappu  kalavaan thiru ullamode,
Pallikuruppu unara venam  manantha   saayi

Y our body   was lying    as if  you  are sleeping,
And we children were  assured by   the mother that it is  without any doubt,
And for removing   the dirt  within our mind,
Oh Lord  lying on Adhi sesha , please  wake up.’-

2,Yellil  kalarnnezhum  oru yenna  kanakke , Aathmaa,
Vellarkkum  yennthariyaathe mayanginen jnan,
Thalli kalanju sakalam mama  kanmasham nee,
Ullil thelinju unara  venam   udhara  keerthe,

Without understanding  that  the soul  is for all,
Like  the oil   within gingelly , I just  slept,
And you  have  pushed  off  all the dirt  from  my mind,
And oh god  who is famous as  merciful,
With   a clear  mind, please   do wake up.

3.Mannil pirannu mathiyulla   manushyanaayaal,
Unnithamai  kazhiyum   aadhiyil ulla  kaalam,
Ponnathamai athum ithum  karutheettum  sesham,
Thanne   thirinju arikayennathu  asaadhyamathre.

If you are  humans  with brain  born on the earth,
The  initial   years   would be  spent as  childish years.
And later we would  start  thinking   this  and that in a useless  way,
And it is impossible   for them to understand  themselves.

4.noonam  thwath  preethi  nana vidha mahitha kadha nama  sankeerthanam ko-,
Ndu  athyantham  sradhayullorkku  athu  bahu vidhamayundu vedantha  vaakhyam,
Jnanum thwath  padha sandarsana oru pozhuthu angu  aaswadhippan,
Yirippon ananda prapathiyaake  yennarulina bhagwan  allayo  nee  dhayaabdhe.

The  sentances of Vedas   say that    your affection  can be got by   hearing
The  different type  of your   stories as well as singing of your various names with  attention,
And I   could  do it     once  by seeing   your   feet  and   getting  the real joy,
Because   oh God  , are  you not    the ocean   of  mercy?

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