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Brahma Sthuthi Panchakam

Brahma Sthuthi Panchakam
(The pentad of prayers addressed   to God Brahma)

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(Due to a curse of Lord Shiva, Brahma is not worshipped in India but our Puranas(epics)  are full of persons who  did penance addressing Lord Brahma. Here is a short  and sweet prayer addressed to him.)

1,Namo naraka Vidweshi , nabhee nalina   janmane,
Brahmane  , Brhad aakara   bhuvanakara silpine,

Salutations to God who hates  the hell, who was born out of the lotus from the belly ,
Who is Lord Brahma  with  huge form   and who is the sculptor   of the world.

2.Chathrananan mamboja nishannam , Bharathi sakham,
Aksha mala Varaa bheethi  kamandalu dharma Bhaje

I sing about the God who holds   the rosary , Hands in blessing  and protection and the water pot ,
Who has   four faces , Who rests on lotus flower, Who is the consort of Goddess Saraswathi

3.Namo Viswasruje thubhyam  sathyaya Paramathmane  ,
Devaya deva pathaye  , Yajnanaam  pathaye nama.

Salutations to  him who releases the universe   who is the real divine soul,
Salutation to Deva, the Lord of devas   and the lord of Yajna.

4.Namasthe Loka Nadhaya  , Namasthe Srushti karine ,
Namasthe Veda roopaya  , Namasthe Brahmane  nama,

Salutations  the lord of the world, Salutations to  the cause of creation,
Salutations to the form of Vedas  and salutations to Lord Brahma.

5.Srimath vakthraravinda  sruthi nigama   madhu syandha  sandohanandath,
Vibhyad brungaaya   Ganga   Himagiri   Vilasad  Paksha  Hamsa dwajaya.

From whose lotus like face   the honey of Vedas and Sruthis   originated with joy,
From whose  golden pitcher  river Ganges and Himalayas shined  and who has a flag of swan.

6.Bhasha yoshid  priyaya   , pranathi  krutha  Shiva  . prani nadha   pranamam,
Karmo dharmaika  dhamne  vayam akhila   Jagat karmane  Brahmane they .

To the God who likes the lady of language   , who salutes Shiva, Oh Lord  Salutations,
Oh God who is the home of Act according to Dharma  , we  are yours Oh Lord Brahma   who has universal acts.

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