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Hayagreeva Sampada Stotra

Hayagreeva  Sampada Stotra
(The prayer to earn  Hayagreeva) 

Vadhi Raja

Translated by

(Hayagreeva is a horse faced form of Lord Vishnu. There are several stories about the origin of this God. He is included in the minor incarnations of Lord Vishnu. It is known that he killed as asura called Hayagreeva who had a horse’s head. People who follow Vaishavism believe that    he is the God of knowledge. This Kavacham is  witten by a great Savant belonging to the Dvaitha tradition.)

1.Hayagreeva, Hayagreeva , Hayagreeva   ithi Vaadinam,
Nara muchyanthi paapaani daridrymiva yoshitha,

That Man who chants Hayagreeva, Hayagreeva , Hayagreeva   ,
Would escape from sins  like , one having a wife escapes from poverty

2.Hayagreeva, Hayagreeva, Hayagreeva yo  Vadeth,
Tasya nissarathe Vani jahnu kanya pravaahaath,

 To  the one who keeps on telling Hayagreeva, Hayagreeva , Hayagreeva  ,
The speech would  flow  like the flow of river ganges

3.Hayagreeva, Hayagreeva, Hayagreeva yo Dhwani,
Vishobhathe sa vaikuntakavato udghatanakshama,

The sound of Hayagreeva, Hayagreeva , Hayagreeva   ,
Would shine in Vaikunta and  would get its doors opened.


Sloka thrayam idham punyam  Hayagreva Padamkitham,
Vadhi Raja yathi Proktham  padathaam sampadhaam  padham

These blessed three verses   which decorates the feet of Hayagreeva,
Were told by Vadiraja  and if read would earn  the position  of Hayagreeva.

Ithi Sri Madhvadhi raja poojya charanaviranchitham  Hayagreeva Sammodha Stotram sampoornam
This the prayer of Hayagreeva which earns   is offered   to the feet  of Saint Madhwa   who is worshipped by the kings

Bharathi RamanaMukhyaprnanthargatha Sri Krishnarpanam asthu
This is offered to Lord Krishna   who is inside the  Saint Madhwa who entertains   Goddess Saraswathi.

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