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Tri Suparna Manthra

Tri Suparna Manthra

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(This is a part oh Maha Narayana Upanishad, It has three parts. The prayer is addressed to Brahman or Soma    and is chanted before taking food by Brahmins. Its chanting is   supposed to purify     all the Brahmins who sit in that row     to take food with them.. I Have depended on the text as well as translation on the web site  .My indebtedness to that web site.)

1.Brahmametu maam | madhu-metu maam | brahma-meva madhumetu maam |
Yaaste soma prajaavathso-abbhiso aham | duh-svapn-ahan durusshvahaa |
Yaaste soma praanaa(ga)m stan-juhomi |
trisuparnam-ayaachitam brahmanaaya dadyaat |
Brahmahatyaam vaa ete ghnanti | ye braahmanaas-trisuparnam pathanti |
te somam praapnuvanti | aa sahasraat panktim punanti OM ||

May the supreme Brahman reach me. .May the Blissful   one reach me .Only Brahmam  is blissful. Let him reach me.
Oh Soma  , being a  living being  I am your child..Please remove  bad effects  of all bad dreams from me.
Oh Soma  there I offer  my soul with sense organs   to you.
This three  part chants  should be taught to a Brahmin without his asking for it.
These have the power to wipe away the  sin of killing a Brahmin,
Those Brahmins who learn this trisuparna.
They would reach  Soma.. these purify thousands of them sitting in a row chanting it in unison . Om

2,Brahma medhayaa / madhu medhayaa / brahmam-eva medhayaa /
Adyaa noe deva savitah prajaavat- saavees-saubhagam /
Paraa dushvapniya(ga)m suva / viswaani deva savita-duritaani paraasuva /
Yad bhadram tanma aasuva / madhu vaataa ritaayate madhu ksharanti sindhavah /
Maadhveer-nassantv-oshadheeh / madhu naktam-utoshaci madhumat paarthiva(ga)m rajah /
Madhu dyaur-astu nah pitaa / madhmaanno vanspatir-madhumaa(ga)m astu sooryah /
Madhveer-gaavo bhavantu nah / ya imam trisuparnam-ayaachitam braahmanaaya dadyaat /
Bhroona-hatyaam vaa ete ghnanti / ye braahmanaas-trisuparnam pathanti /
Te somam praapnuvanti / aa sahasraat pankti punanti / OM //

Brahma is  the power of mind. Bliss is the power of mind. Brahma  alone is the power of mind.
Oh God Savitha , please ensure us  today with the prosperity  of progeny..
Please eliminate   the fear of bad dreams. Oh God of the world Savitha eliminate all sufferings from ne.
Please protect me safely.,. Let sweet winds blow blissfully ,, let the rivers run with bliss,
Let the medicinal herbs be blissful , let  things that shower ay day and night be blissful,
Let all produce of earth be blissful to me , May my manes be kind to me,
Let all the plants that  grow in the forest bring bliss to me , Let the Sun God be blissful to me,
Let the cows bring bliss to me .They who give this Tri Suparna to Brahmins without their asking,
Be able to get rid of the sin of killing the children in the womb.. Those Brahmins who read Tri Suparna,
Would reach the Soma   and may them purify rows of Brahmins sitting with them.

3.Brahma medhavaa | Madhu medhavaa |
Brahmameva madhu medhavaa | brahmaa devaanaam padaveeh |
Kaveenaam-rishi-vipraanaam mahisho mrigaanaam |
Syeno gridhraana(ga)m svadhitir-vanaanaa(ga)m somah pavitram-atyeti rebhan ||
Ha(ga)msas-suchishad vasur-antariksha-sad-dhotaa vedashad-atithir-duronasat |
Nrishd-vara-sadrita-sad vyomasad-abjaa gojaa ritajaa adrijaa ritam brihat |
Ya imam trisuparnam-ayaachitam braahmanaaya dadyaat |
Veerahtyaam vaa ete ghnanti | ye brahmanaas-trisuparnam pathanti |
Te somam praapnuvanti | aa sahasraat pankti punanti | OM ||

 Brahman is knowledge, Bliss is knowledge ., Brahman is the bliss of knowledge,
Brahman holds the position of Brahma among Devas,
Among the poets  he is the Brahmin sage, He is the buffakko among animals,
He is the vulture among  hawks  , he is axe among tools ,
He is Soma the very pure among sacrificers,
He is effulgent among purifiers   and he is greatly glorified,
 The brilliant Sun, powerful atmospheric wind , the fires in the Vedic altar
, the guests in the house, the antaryamin (inner-self) in all people
He is the in-dweller of the Gods of heavens, the residents of Satyaloka ,
the dwellers of the celestial sky (antariksha),
 all water-born, earth-born and mountain-born—all these are but the natures of that Brahman, the great Truth.
He who  teaches  Tri Suparna Manthra  without Brahmins asking for it ,
Would  get out of the sin of killing the valorous and those Brahmins   who read it Would reach Soma.
And they will purify thousands in a row Om.


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