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Sani Badhaa Vimochana Sabareeswara Ashtakam

Sani Badhaa   Vimochana Sabareeswara  Ashtakam
(The octet addressed  to Lord Of Sabari  for removal of problems due to Saturn)

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      ( Lord Ayyappa ,Lord Hanuman and Lord Venkateswara     are the Gods to be addressed when we are suffering due to problems created  by Lord Saturn .  Here is a specific prayer addressed to Lord Ayyappa, requesting him to destroy the problems created by  Lord Saturn.)

1.Sani  Bhadha Vinasaya , ghora santhapa haarine,
Kanana Vaasaya  , Bhoothanadhaye   they nama,

My salutations to Lord of Bhoothas (Beings?) who lives in the forest,
Who destroys problems created by Saturn   and who destroys  great sorrows.

2.Daridrya  Jathan  Rogadheen  Budhi mandhyadhi sankataan,
Kshipram nasaya hey  Deva  Sani Bhadha  Vinasaka.

With great speed destroy problems  due to poverty , diseases  and mental retardation,
Oh God who destroys the problems created by  planet Saturn.

3.Bhootha Badha , Maha Dukha aadhya nivartheen eesa mam,
Palaya thwam Maha baho , Sarva Dukha vinasaka.

Oh My God,  get rid of  the  problems due to ghosts   and great  sorrow,
And protect me, Oh Valorous one who  destroys all sorrows.

4.Avaachyaani maha dukhaan  anyameyani nirantharam,
Sambhavanthi  duranbthani thani  nasaya  may Prabho.

Please drive away permanently  those great sorrows which cannot be spoken about,
And Oh Lord also destroy   all those miseries which are  likely to happen.

5..Maya mohaaan ananthaani   sarvaani Karunakara,
Dhooree kuru  sadaa Bhaktha  Hrudayaananda   Dhayaka.

Oh merciful one,   Take away to a great distance   the endless ,
Desires created by illusion , Oh God  who gives happiness to hearts of devotees.

6.Aneka Janma sambhoothaan paapan guheswara,
Choornee kuru, Krupa sindho, sindhuja kantha santhathe.

Oh God of the caves , make in to powder  sins accumulated,
Over several births,  Oh ocean of mercy, Oh Lord of the  river born.  

7.Unmathoth bhootha santhapa agaadha krupaan maheswara,
Hasthavalambam Dathwa  maam ,raksha raksha sanaischara.

Oh   great God  drive away    the great sorrow  created by madness and ghosts,
Give me a hand of support and     protect, protect me , Oh slow moving one.

8.Dehi may Budhi Vaisishtyam, Dehi may nithya Youanam,
Dehi may Paramandam Deva deva Jagat pathe.

Give me superiority in intelligence, Give me  never ending youthfulness,
Give me divine joy  , Oh God of devas and the Lord of the Universe.

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