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Sri Sarabhashtakam

Sri Sarabhashtakam
(Octet on Sarabha)

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(Sarabha is a very fierce  incarnation of Lord Shiva who    subdued  the great Narasimha incarnation of Vishnu after he killed   Hiranya Kasipu    . Sharabha is described in the form of a bird with golden colour, with two uplifted wings, two red eyes, four legs in the form of a lion touching the ground, four legs with claws upwards, and with an animal tail. The top part of the body is shown as human but with the face of a lion with an ornamented crown; side tusks are also depicted giving an overall frightening sight. It also shows the Narasimha beneath Sharabha’s legs as a human with Anjali  (hands foldedin  prayer). Devotees  of Goddess however   are of the opinion that Sarabha  failed in his mission and Goddess took the form of the thousand headed  Prathyangira to do  the Job, The followers of Lord Vishnu however are of the opinion that when Lakshmi sat on the lap of Narasimhamurthy , he   became  calm.)

Chandrarkagni tri drishti kulisavara vana kachanjala  ugra jihwa,
Kali Durga  cha pakshou   hrudaya   jataraghou  Bhairavo Badavagni,
Oorusthou  vyadhi  mruthyu  sarabaka vara  chandavathaa thileka,
Samhartha chs vachadrun   vijayathi  SArabha   saluva  Pakshi Raja.

With moon, sun and fire as  his three eyes , with  moving fierce toungue  which is like an axe,
With Kali and Durga as his wings , with heart and abdomen  as  Bhairava and fire in the ocean,
HIs thighs are diseases and death  , the great Saraba  is like  storm,
He would kill all his enemies and Sarabha  is  like fierce  king of birds.

Jwalana kutila kesam  , ASurya chadaragni nethram,
Nisitha kara nakha agram  , dhootha hemadri deham,
Sarabha madha muneendrai   sevyamaana,   sithangam,
Pranatha bhaya vinasam  Bhavayed Pakshi rajam.

With   shining  curved hairs,. With sun, Moon, and Fire as eyes,
With hands ending in very sharp nails ,With very strong body like the golden mountain,
Sarabha    who is  like this is    served by king of saints  with camphor,
And if your salute him,  That king of the birds   would destroy all your fears.


1.Devadhideva , jagan mayaya,
Shivaya  nalika nibhananaya,
SArvaaya bheemaya   saradhipaya,
 Namosthu thubhyam   Sarabheswaraya

I Salute  you  God Sarabha ,
Who is God of Gods  , Who is spread all over the world,
Who is Shiva , who is similar to a lotus flower,
And who is like a huge strong cloud.

2,Seethamsu choodaya  Digambaraya,
Srushti sthithi dwamsana   kaaranaaya,
Jada kalaabhaYA  , Jithendriyaya ,
Namosthu thubhyam   Sarabheswaraya

I Salute  you  God Sarabha ,
Who wears the moon  , Who wears   the directions as apparel,
Who is the reason for creation , upkeep   and destruction,
Who has a matted hair and who has won over his senses.

3.Kalanga kandaaya bhavananthakaya,
Kapala kalanga   karambujaya,
Bhujanga bhooshaya  puranthakaya,
Namosthu thubhyam   Sarabheswaraya

I Salute  you  God Sarabha ,
Who has blue neck,  Who is the destroyer of earth,
Who is starved and holds the  skull in his lotus like hands,
Who decorates himself with a snake  and was the destroyer of three  cities.

4.Samadhi shatkaya , Yamanthakaya,
Yamadhi yogashtka sidhidhaya,
Umadhi nathaya   purathanaya ,
Namosthu thubhyam   Sarabheswaraya

I Salute  you  God Sarabha ,
Who is expert in six types of deep meditation  , Killer of Yama,
Who has  realized the eight type  of Yogas   like self control,
Who is the Lord of Uma   and one who is    very old.

5.Grunadhi pasashtaka   Varjithaya,
KIlikruthaasmath pathi porvakaaya,
Gunadhi heenaaya, guna thrayaya ,
Namosthu thubhyam   Sarabheswaraya

I Salute  you  God Sarabha ,
Who avoids   the six types of attachments like disgust,
Who makes   us powerless as    he was  our lord  earlier,
Who does not have any characteristics   like the three  types of Gunas .(SAthva, Rajas and Thamas.)

6.Kaaladhivedamrutha khandalaya,
Kalyana anaghou dhoohala karanaya,
Sthoolaya Sookshmaya  swaroopakaya,
Namosthu thubhyam   Sarabheswaraya

I Salute  you  God Sarabha ,
Who is filled with nectar of Vedas   from primeval times,
Who  is the reason for freedom   from  auspiciousness,
And who has  both  forms  of very huge as well as tiny.

7.Panchananaya, akhila bhaskaraya,
Pancha sathkarna  paricharaya,
Panchaksharesaya jagasthithaya,
Namosthu thubhyam   Sarabheswaraya

I Salute  you  God Sarabha ,
Who has  five faces , who gives  light for  all,
Who   is  honoured and served in five ways,
Who is the God of five letters   and  who stays in the universe.

8,Haraya  Bheemaya , Haripriyaya,
Bhaavaya, SAnthaya , parathparaya,
Mrudaya Rudraya, Trilochanaya,
Namosthu thubhyam   Sarabheswaraya

I Salute  you  God Sarabha ,
Who is the destroyer, very huge   , one who likes Vishnu,
Who is divine  , who is peaceful  , who is superior to the best,
Who Is Shiva, Who is Rudra    and who is three eyed.

Imam sthavam japedhyasthu Sarabesashtakam   nara,
Thasya nasayanthi paavaani, ripavascha Surothama.

If this prayer called  octet to Sarabha is chanted by men,
Then the great God will destroy  all his  sins as well as enemies.

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