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Mahalakshmi Prapathi

Mahalakshmi  Prapathi

Srimad Padur  RAghavachari

Translated by

1.Bhavabodhou majjathaam   maadrusaanaam,
Pranamraanaam rakshane   sanukampaam,
Swa bharthaaram  sasmithaam chodhayanthim,
Mahalakshmim thwaam saranam prapadhye

For  saving  people like me who are  struggling   drowned
In the ocean of Samsara you come with compassion,
And along with   a pretty smile accelerate your lord to do it ,
Oh Mahalakshmi  I  completely   surrender to you.

2.Samaamnaayair  geeyamannubhavaam,
Gunair sarvaiy bhasamaanam   shubhaangim,
Krupavrushtim  thanvathim  aasrithoghe  ,
Mahalakshmim thwaam saranam prapadhye

 When   devotees  Enumerate   and sing about your abilities,
And  your characters and   make  them lustrous , oh pretty one ,
You shower  your rain of mercy   on them    who have surrendered to you.,
Oh Mahalakshmi  I  completely   surrender to you.

3.Muneenaam hruth pankaje raja hamasim,
Surair nithyam  poojyamanangri paadaam,
Harer vakshasyaatha vasam   prahrushtaam,
Mahalakshmim thwaam saranam prapadhye

While you live like a royal swan  in the lotus like  mind of sages,
And the devas   daily  worship your  lotus like   feet,
But  you   with lot of joy  live on   the chest of Lord Hari,
Oh Mahalakshmi  I  completely   surrender to you.

4Swasamsruthyaa   soshitha  sesha paapaam,
Sadaa asleshaa thoshithameesa    chitham,
Namadvargevaathsaleem   samdhhaanaam,
Mahalakshmim thwaam saranam prapadhye

You  dry away   the accumulated remaining sins of those  who think about you,
You always   embrace the lord   making  his mind filled  with joy,
And you shower your affection on those  who are  your devotees,
Oh Mahalakshmi  I  completely   surrender to you.

5.Puraa devairmadhyamaane  sudhadha,
Paya pure  dugdha sindhor udheethaam,
Disa sarvaa  basayanthim   swadeepthyaa ,
Mahalakshmim thwaam saranam prapadhye

In the olden times when the devas  for the sake  of getting nectar,
Were   churning the ocean of milk , You   rose   from it,
And  with your own luster   all directions   started   shining,
Oh Mahalakshmi  I  completely   surrender to you.

6.Suraa vraathe   prekshamane    samasthe  ,
Visanthim hai  vrushnu vaksho visaalam,
Harer vakthram saspruham veeksha maanam,
Mahalakshmim thwaam saranam prapadhye

While   all the devas  were  staring at  you,
You were  with great desire looking at  the chest of Vishnu,
As   that  broad chest of Hari was going to be  your dwelling place ,
Oh Mahalakshmi  I  completely   surrender to you.

7.Swaayaa bhasaa  sarvatho  bhasayanthim,
Omkara  kshethra aavir vibhoothaam,
Dhayaa  poorair viswam aapyayavanthim,
Mahalakshmim thwaam saranam prapadhye

You make everywhere  shine due to your own luster ,
Oh Goddess   who was  born from  the temple  of omkara  ,
And due to your rays of mercy , you make  the entire  world yours,
Oh Mahalakshmi  I  completely   surrender to you.

8.Sathasthrathum prapthanana avathare  ,
Nije pathyou  sweekrutha  aneka   roopaam,
Sakhi bhavad yekamathyam  dadhaanaam,
Mahalakshmim thwaam saranam prapadhye

8.Your consort   assumes  forms of several incarnations  ,
For the sake  of protecting   the  good people  ,
And you  also take forms  of a consort  for the sake of unity  ,
Oh Mahalakshmi  I  completely   surrender to you.

9,Vihaarartham komale  sesha  bhoge,
Sathaam chithe nirmale vaidamoulou,
Samam pathyaa matharam thaam sayaanaam,
Mahalakshmim thwaam saranam prapadhye

Your consort takes rest  on the pretty  snake  Adhi sesha,
And he also resides  in pure heart of devotees  as well  in the acme  of Vedas ,
And Oh mother  we find you  equal to him in those  dwelling places,
Oh Mahalakshmi  I  completely   surrender to you.

10Iyam Vaani  sthaavikaa  thwad vibhootheer,
Bhavaneeyam  chamara  grahineethi,
Vachor bangim srunvathim kinkareenaam,
Mahalakshmim thwaam saranam prapadhye

10.The  Goddess  SAraswathi    sings your praise ,
Goddess  Bhavani   holds   the  chowries,
And the   deva maidens   obey your  pretty   words,
Oh Mahalakshmi  I  completely   surrender to you.

11.Lakshmi prapathim medhaa m kaveena  saralena  Raghavenokthaam,
Ya padathi  thasya kamaa Lakshmyaa krupayaa thadiva sidhyanthi,

Those who read   this “Lakshmi Prapathji   composed by Sarala Kavi Raghava,
Would get their   desires fulfilled   by the grace  of Goddess Mahalakshmi

              Ithi Sarala kavi  Sri Raghavacharya  kruthaa Lakshmi prapathi
  Thus ends Mahalalakshmi prapathi composed by  Sarala Kavi  Raghavacharya

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