Saturday, May 28, 2016

Path se Batak gaya=A Hindi Bajan

Path se  Batak  gaya
(I slipped from my way)

Translated by

Path se batak  gayaa  thaa  Ram,
Naadhaani se hua ye kam

Oh Rama  I   slipped from the  proper way  ,
And this happened   due to my ignorance.

Chod gaye   sab   sanghi Sathi  ,
SAnkat mein prabhu   thum lo  Dham

All  Friends   left being with me  ,
And Oh Lord in sorrow   you are  the resting place

Thoo sabke   dukh harne vaala ,
Bigde  samvaare   sabke kaam

You are the one  who destroys sorrow of all,
Broken   homes  is everybody’s   work

Thera har phal   dhyaan   dharoon mein,
Iysaa  pilaa   dhe prem kaa  jam

Every moment  I would be thinking  about  you,

And   you please make me drink  from the goblet of love

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