Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Saraswathi Sthvam(Malayalam)

Saraswathi  Sthvam(Malayalam)

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1.Vani  , Gunalaye  devi  ,
Vani mathe  ,Saraswathi ,
Vannedukende  naavinmel  ,
Jnanam yennil  udhikkuvan.

Oh Goddess  Saraswathi  ,  goddess who is the Temple  of good  characters,
Oh mother Vani , Oh Saraswathi ,
Please   live on my toungue,
So that wisdom   arises  in me.

2.Sathya swaroopini devi  ,
Sarva  iswarya  pradhayini  ,
Nee yennum  mama  navinmel,
Nruthamaadi   vasikkane

Oh Goddess  whose  form is truth,
Who grants all prosperities  ,
You should   forever  dance  ,
And live  on my toungue.

3.SAraswathi sadaanande ,
Brahma  pathni   sulochane  ,
Sundari  Subhadhe  ninde  ,
Pada  padmam  thozhunnu jnan .

Oh SAraswathi   who is forever  happy  ,
Oh consort of  Brahma who has  pretty eyes,
Oh Pretty one  who does all  good things  ,
I am saluting your  lots like feet


Unknown said...

Dear Sir Ramchander I have a request for you to translate one stotra for me. I am not saying you have to post it on this blog. It is upto you. The stotra is Ganeshashtaka by Vedvyasa from Padma Puran. Thanks.

Unknown said...

Hello Sir you didn't reply me whether you can do it. Thanks.

P.R. Ramachander said...

Please send the text to ramachander926@gmail.com, I will try, Ramachander