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Swarakshara maala sthavam(Malayalam)

Swarakshara  maala sthavam(Malayalam)

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(This is a prayer   addressed to mother Goddess  at Chothanikkara.The verses   start with  Malayalam vowels in their order  )

1,Amrutholi chitharum   nava mrudhu hasam  ,
Kalarum    omana   mukham udayole  ,
Kadina   durantham  asesham  agathu  ,
Chothanikkara  Vaanezhum   Amme.

1,Oh mother   who  lives in Chothanikkara ,
Who has a  dear face   which   a  face  ,
Which has  a pretty smile which  sends out  nectar  like  light  ,
Please   completely remove   this   very harsh  evil fate .

2.AAdhikal yellaam anu dhinam akalaan,
Vyadhikal moolathode  thakaraan  ,
Karuna  yezhunna   kadakshamayakkoo,
Chothanikkara  Vaanezhum   Amme.

2,Oh mother   who  lives in Chothanikkara ,
For removing all my   worries   daily  ,
For  all the sickness   to get crushed   completely  ,
Please   send your side long glances  which is full of mercy.

3.Innu varum gunam yennu  ninachen,
Mannida vaasam kazhiyaarai,
Onnu yezhnnellu  kunnin magale  ,
Karnyamrutha  pooritha   nayane  .

3.I though that  good will come today ,
The time  of my life  on earth is   about to get over ,
Oh mother of the mountain  , please   do  visit me  ,
OH goddess with eyes  filled   with nectar  of mercy.

4.EEDillatha sareeram yenikkoru  ,
BHarama athayi  theerathamaraan,
Seethala vara  giri nandhini vandhe  ,
Sankara  kanthe , Karunaa  poorne.

4.I salute you oh daughter  of  the blessed cool mountain,
Oh consort of Lord Shiva   who is  filled with mercy  ,
So that   this incomparable body   of mine,
Does not   become   a heavy burden.

5.Ullam thannil thalli varum chila  ,
THullal asesham   thalli  kalayaan,
Velli kunnin magale  , Kaniyu  ,
Chothanikkara  vazhum amme.

5.For completely    removing  these   worries,
That occupy    and g fill up my mind,
Please  take , mercy , Oh daughter of silver mountain,
Oh divine  mother who lives  in CHothanikkara.

6.OOkanmaaram   indriya sainyam,
Parkkunnunden manasa   bhoovil,
Avarude  mushukugal   akalanam   akhilam,
Chothanikkara   vanezhum amme.

6,The    huge army   of the  sense organs  ,
Is living  in the   land   of my mind  ,
And the all the troubles caused  by them should go,
Oh divine  mother   who lives  in Chothanikkara.

7.Rikkadhigalaam  veda ganathaal,
Mamuni vargam   vaazthi varumbol,
Theliyum ninnoli  kani kaanenam,
Chothanikkara  vaanezhum  Amme.

7. When the great sages    are  blessing,
Me with the   chants  of the group of Vedas ,
I want  to see  first   your  light   which shines,
Oh  divine mother   who lives in CHothanikkara.

8.Krugunadhigalaaya janathin,
Budhiyil vannu vilangunnavale ,
Uma, Ramaa  Vaani  Nokkoo,
Chothanikkara  Vaanezhum   Amme

8.Oh Goddess   who shines in the  mind,
Of Those    who  are merciful,
Oh Parvathy, Oh Saraswathi, Oh Lakshmi  please see,
Oh  divine mother   who lives in Chothanikkara.

9.Yennum ninnude  ponnoli kolum ,
Minnum gathram thonnanam   ullilm
Yennale  sukham,avukayullu  ,
Chothanikkara  Vaanezhum   Amme

Daily   your  lustrous  golden staff ,
And  your  shining body  should come in my thought ,
And then only  it would be pleasure  ,
Oh  divine mother   who lives in Chothanikkara.

10.Yethoru karyam cheigilum thava,
Pada  saroja   smruthi  yillengil,
Phalamillallo nishprabhamakum
Chothanikkara  Vaanezhum   Amme
10, Whatever activity    we do  if  we,
Do not remember   your  lotus like feet ,
There is no use as it would become without  light,
Oh  divine mother   who lives in Chothanikkara.

11.Imukha  kanthe, vaikaruthe   nee ,
Pakam yezhunna  kadakshamayappan,
Melum keezhum   chuttum thuna nee  ,
Chothanikkara  Vaanezhum   Amme

11.Oh consort of five faced  one ,you please  do not be late ,
For sending      glance   which raises    sweetness,
For  you are our only help in higher  ,lower and surrounding  places,
Oh  divine mother   who lives in Chothanikkara.

12,Othathu  thonnukailloruvarkkum ,
Ninnude  poorna  anugrahamenye  ,
Paapikalaam ivare  kara  kethu  ,
Chothanikkara  Vaanezhum   Amme

12,No body would remember   the proper thing  ,
Without   your   complete   blessings,
Please  make these sinners reach the  other shore,
Oh  divine mother   who lives in Chothanikkara.

13.Othum palathum naavu kuzhanjaal,
PPolum nirthukayilla janangal,
Nin thiru namam    thonnikkenam.,
Chothanikkara  Vaanezhum   Amme

13.They would learn a lot ,Even if toungue slips ,
The people    would not     stop saying it  ,
You should make them remember  your  divine name,
Oh  divine mother   who lives in Chothanikkara.

14.Oudharyathinnu   vila nilamaakum,
Pal kadalaya maheswara  dhayithe  ,
Ulkada  sankata  nasam anayukkuga,
Chothanikkara  Vaanezhum   Amme

14.Oh   consort   of  the great God  who is,
Like the ocean  of milk which is like  land growing charity  ,
Please  destroy    very great   sorrows,
Oh  divine mother   who lives in Chothanikkara.

15.Ambara charikal ambodu nnnude,
Dambara bangikal  vaazhthi   rasippu,
Dumburu Narada   vandhye   saranam,
Chothanikkara  Vaanezhum   Amme

15. All the devas   who live  on the sky  ,
Appreciate   your multitudes  of beauty and praise  you,
Oh Goddess   who is worshipped  by Dumburu and Narada , I surrender,
Oh  divine mother   who lives in Chothanikkara.

16.Achanum ammayum AAngala pengalum ,
Yennude  kaantha   santhathimarum,
Yennalla  Akilarum  oppam  thozhunnen,
Chothanikkara  Vaanezhum   Amme

16.Mother , father  ,brother  , Sister ,
My wife   and all my children  and not only  that ,
But    along with all the people I salute,
Oh  divine mother   who lives in Chothanikkara.

17.Yi sthuthi  cholli  keerthikunnoru,
Marthyannu  munnil  pettennu   yetthi,
Akhila  varangalum  arulenam   amme ,
Sakala  kala  paripoorne    devi.

17. Oh mother before   all  humans   who chant this prayer  ,
And who praise  you  , do please   come quickly before them,
And give  all the boons   that they want  ,
Oh Goddess  who is an acme  of all the arts.

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