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Oh Lord -me and you

Oh Lord  -me and you

Sawmi Raidas

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(Raidas was a great saint belonging to Benares.  He was adopted by many including  Meera Bai    as his Giru.  This simple prayer  talks od devotion and high philosophy,.  Hear it in the mesmerizing voice of Anup Jalota  )

A very nice and popular bhajan from this great saint Raidas

प्रभुजी! तुम चंदन हम पानी,
ज़ाकी अंग अंग बास समानी

Prabhu ji tum chandan hum paani
Jaki ang ang baas samayi

Oh lord you are  sandalwood   and I am water
So  that  you can be applied    all over my body

प्रभुजी! तुम घन्बन हम मोरा,
जैसे चित्वत चन्द-चकोरा

Prabhu ji tum ghanban hum mora
JAise chitwat chandra chakora

Oh Lord    you are the dark cloud and  I am the peacock,
Which looks at you   like   the Chakora bird  looks at the moon

(Chakora   bird eats moon light and Peacock dances on seeing cloud)

प्रभुजी! तुम मोती हम धागा,
जैसे सोने में मिलत सुहागा

Prabhu ji tum deepak hum baati
JAki jyot bare din rati

Oh Lord    you are   the  pearl and I  am the thread,
And I merge with you  like the powder for melting   mixes with the gold

(To bring down the  melting point  of gold , they add a chemical powder to it)

प्रभुजी! तुम दीपक हम बाती
ज़ाकी ज्योत जले दिन राति

Prabhu ji tum moti hum dhaga
Jaise sonehu milat suhaga

Oh Lord  you are the lamp and I am t your wick,
So that   we can join and burn together   the day and night.

प्रभुजी तुम स्वामी हम दासा,
ऐसी भगति करैरैदसा”.

Prabhu ji tum swami hum dasa
Aisi bhakti kare Raidasa

Oh Lord you are the master   and I am your servant  ,
So that  this  Raidasa  can show   you his devotion

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