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A prayer to Deivathin Kural book or the words of Maha Periyava

A prayer   to Deivathin Kural book or the   words  of Maha Periyava 

Deiva vani sthuthi panchakam
(The pentad  of  prayers  to  Deivathin Kural)

Translated by

(Deivathin kural (divine voice)   is a pain stakingly  made    collection of the great  advisory speeches  made by  Maha Periyva, This  prayer is addressed deivathin kural book . My face book friend  Geetha Kalyan  sent me  a Maha prasada  of the prayers addressed  to  Maha Periyva  published  by Giri traders.  I do not know how to thank her   and so I  am translating it in to English and presenting   it to her.)

1.Kama koti peetadheesa  mukhodhbhava  sudhamayi,
Sri Chandra shekara  kanye deiva vani  namosthuthe

1.Salutations to  the  divine  voice     which   is  filled   with the nectar ,
That arises  from the  mouth  of Adhipadhi of Kama koti peeta,
And which is     the daughter(creation)   of  Chandra   shekara.

2,Maha bhagyanvithe  matha, jagat pavithra   kaarini,
Veda  sastra  mahaa  saare   deiva vani namosthuthe

2. Salutations   to the  divine  voice  which   is the mother  who  causes  very great luck,
Which   purifies   the universe and which  is the great essence  of Vedas

3.Sanathana  maarga rakshaa sadhike , jnana  dhayimni,
Dharma samvardhini  shubhe  , deiva vani  namosthuthe

3.Salutations to the divine voice  which helped  us to protect   the path of perennial dharma,
Which granted  us wisdom , which made    dharma grow    and which is auspicious.

4.Sadaachaara surakshithri  , kali kalmasha  naasini,
Mayaa moha   vaarayithri   deiva vani  namosthuthe  .

4.Salutations to the divine  voice   which safely  protects  good conduct of prople  ,
Which destroys    the evils of Kali   and which  restrains  illusory passion.

5.Jagad  Udhara   sankalpaadh  guru vaacho   vinissruthe ,
Advaithananda  nilaye   Deiva vani   namosthuthe

5. Salutations    to the divine voice   which sprang   from words of Guru ,
With a determination to uplift the universe and which  rests on  joy of Advaitha.

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