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Yaacheham Karuna Sindho-Prayer of Hindu High School , Triplicane

The prayer    song  daily  sung by  the students of  Hindu High School  , Triplicane , which is one of the oldest in South India

Yaacheham  Karuna Sindho

Translated   by,

(Here  is a great prayer sung by students   and staff   of the 150 year old   Hindu higher secondary  School  Triplicane , Madras .-taken from  their web site  hinduhighschool .net   It is one of the oldest  school of South India.Sangeetha Kalanidhi  GNB , noble prize winner  S .Chadrashekar    and   the Film actor  Kamala Hasan   have studied  in this school.

The prayer  is indeed heart  warming. Hear  the prayer   sung by  students

I would  be grateful if some  old Alumini of the school  points out  any mistakes.I would immediately correct them.)

1.Yaacheham  Karuna sindho,
Yavath   jeevamitham  thava
Adhainyam deha dardyancha,
Thwad padambuja   samsmruthim.

Oh  ocean oh mercy  , I beg,
This  life given to me by you,
Be lead without dependence  and with healthy body,
Along with    the   memory of   your lotus like feet

2.Anadhya anantha  Kaaleshu ,
Bruthyoham   thwam  hi may prabhu,
Thwam   drushto adrushto vaa,
Thwaam  vinaa may gathir  nahi.

In the  time which neither begins nor ends  ,
I  May   me    always   be your   servant,
Whether  I see you  or not see  you ,
For without  you , I  do not have  any support.

3.Thushto si thwam dhaya sindho,
Kim anyair   mama  rakshane  ,
Doshaanancha   sahishnuthwe ,
THwad   samo naasthi bhoothale

Oh Ocean of kindness  , please get satisfied with me,
For who else is there  except you to protect me,
For pardoning    the several defects ,
In this earth  there is nobody like   you.

4.Math samo naasthi  devesa  ,
Kreuthgno Vanchako bhuvim
Praseedha shukla dasoham,
Saaswath   thava  jagath pathe

Oh Lord of devas   , there is no one equal to me  ,
In ungratefulness    as well   as in cheating
Oh bright one become  pleased  with me,
Who is t your permenant slave  , Oh lord of the universe

5.Jagad swamin dhaya  poorna,
Yadhi thwam   ne dhayaa  para,
THadhaa  kaa  gathirasmaakam,
Karadhaayaam  swamathari

Oh master  of the  universe   who is filled with mercy,
If you are   not   kind to me  ,
Where is any support to me,
AS I am tied    to  you by own accord

6.THwameva   yeko  Jagath thrathaa,
Dathaa, jnathaa , dhayanvitha,
THwaam vinaa ka pumaan  karthaa ,
Hyasmaganthu   Mano radham.

You are the  only protector of the world ,
Giver, knower   and one   who is kind to it ,
Except you Oh Gof  who is the one   who is the doer,
Who   fulfills    the desires of my mind.

7.Dheenabandho  , Dhayaa  Sindho  ,
Suhrud bantho  , Jagath pathe  ,
Ajnana   sindhu magnam maam,
Aapad Sakhaa   , samudhara

Oh friend of  those who suffer, Oh ocean of mercy,
Oh relation who loves me, Oh Lord  of the universe,
I am drowning  in the ocean of ignorance ,
Oh   friend in times of danger ,  Save me.

8.Suhrudheenaam Dayalu thwam,
Karoshudhi kim adbutham?
Thath  kruthancheth    anaachaare  ,
Tha Deva   vipulam yasa.

You are the most charitable among friends,
And what wonder  are you going to perform,
If one performs  unprincipled acts,
As  God you have very great   fame

9.Praseedha may Jagannatha  ,
Supraseedha   Dhaya nidhe,
Puna puna praseedha thwam  ,
Prasadha   vardho bhava

Be pleased with me  Oh Lord of universe ,
Who    has great fame   as treasure  of mercy,
Again and again get  pleased with me  ,
And become  the one who  grants   with   pleasure.

Prayer to Rama

10.Sri Ramachandra    sritha  Parijatha  ,
SAmastha Kalyana  Gunaabhirama,
Sita mukhomboruha sanchareeka,
Nirantharam  mangalam  aadha dothu.

OH ramachandra    who is like a fully I open lotus,
Who every moment has   all  auspicious qualities ,
Who is   the bee   which hovers round the lotus  like face of Sita ,
Please  permanently grant  me auspiciousness.

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