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Gokarna Ganapathi sthavam

Gokarna  Ganapathi sthavam

Swami Shivabhinava  Narasimha BHarathi
33rd Peetadhipathi   of Sringeri 

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(When Ravana  came   to Kailasa and pleased him, Shiva gave  him  a Shiva Linga worshipped by Goddess Parvathi .He said that if it was  consecrated in Sri Lanka   no body can kill him. He   also warned him   not to keep it on the earth   because  once it is kept   it would get consecrated  there. On the request  of the Devas  , Lord Ganapahi   took the form of a cowherd   and stood near Gokarna. Since Ravana had to answer natures calls, he gave the statue to the cowherd   and requested  him not to keep on the earth.Lord Ganesa told him, he does not have much time and said that , if Ravana did not come in a short time he would keep it on earth  and go away. That is what happened. The shiva LInga got    consecrated  in Gokarna.  The grateful devas  built there a temple for  Ganapathi . This great stotra was composed by  the 33rd Pontiff of SRingeri Sarada  Peeta.)

श्रीमत्परमहंसेत्यादि समस्तबिरुदालङ्कृत श्रीजगद्गुरु
सार्वभौम श्रीश्री शिवाभिनव नृसिंह भारती महास्वामिरनुग्रहीता

Srimad  parmahamsethyaadhi  samastha   birudalankrutha sri Jagath Guru
Saarva bhauma sri sri  Shivabhinava nrusimha bharathi mahaswami   anugrahitha

Blessed by   Sri Sri  Shivabhinava  Nrusimha BHarathi  Mahaswami   who has been    decorated  by many titles such as  Paramahamsa    and who is the  Universal Guru of the    entire earth.

1.कुक्षिस्फुरन्नागभीत्या मूषिकः प्रपलायते
इति मत्वा मयूरं लिमारूडोऽसि गणादिप।

Kukshi sphuran naaga bheethyaa  mooshika prapalayathe,
Ithi mathwaa   mayooram limaaroodosi  Ganadhipa

Oh chief of Ganas did you climb   on the peacock,
Fearing that  your Mouse steed would run away ,
After   seeing the   serpent  encircling  your waist
मत्क्षुस्थलमखिलं जदगिति सर्वान्प्रबोधयितुम्  
बृहदुदरतां कृपाब्धे धत्से किं करिवरास्यत्वम्

Math kukkshisthalam akilam jagadithi sarvaan prabodhayithum,
Bruhad darthaam  krupaabdhe   dathse  kim  karivaraasya thwam.

Is it to prove that  all the world is in your belly,
That you have made it bloated, Oh ocean of mercy,
And Lord who has the face of a great elephant.

3.त्वद्दर्शनकृतहासं चन्द्रमसं हन्तुमुद्युक्तम्  
त्वाममुनेतुं ताराः कुसुमव्याजेन सेवन्ते

THwa darsana   krutha haasam   Chandra masam  hantha mudra yuktham,
THwaam munethum tharaa  kusuma  vyaajena   sevanthe

Since  the   Lord moon laughed   at you,
To prevent him from  being killed ,
The stars  with the excuse  of  collecting flowers,
Pray to you   so that they can appease you.

4.यच्चातुर्येणैव हि लोकानुबद्धर्तुमम्बिकानाथः
गोकर्णे स्थितिमकरोल्लोकहितं तं प्रणौमि विघ्नेशम्  

Yachaathuryenaiva   hi Lokaa  anubadharthu   ambikaa naadhaa,
Gokarne   sthitham karolla kahitham   pranoumi  Vignesam.

I salute   that God who removes obstacles,  who decided,
By his cleverness  to protect   the world by helping  the consort of Ambika,
Who then  took a decision to protect  all those   who  stay in Gokarna

Ithi Ganadhipa sthuthi sampoorna
Thus ends the prayer  to lOrd Ganesa

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