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Saibaba Pamalai (Garland of poems to Shirdi sai)

Saibaba Pamalai
(Garland of  poems to   Shirdi sai)

Translated   by

(I too this prayer from a book on Sai in Tamil by Ranjith. Thanks to him)

1.Shiradiye  ulagin  azhagiya punya sthalam,
Sri Saibaba  avatharithu aruliya  thalam,
2.Kalpa tharuvinum   peru pethra   veppa  maram,
Athan madiyil  amarnthaare   irauvanin varam.
3,Pathinaaru vayathe nirambiya balakanaam,
Pala   soory chandirarkal cherntha oli pizhambaam
4,Jnanam  azhaku  niraintha   aandavar  makanaam,
Neer amarnthathum    kasappu vembum   inippanathaam.

Shiride  is the pretty holy place of the world ,
Where  Sri Sai Baba    took his incarnation
The  neem tree which is more blessed   than the wish giving tree,
The    boon of God sat    on its  lap
That boy who was   only sixteen years  old,
Was a  ball of light   which was themerge several   suns and moons.
You   are the son of Go d who is filled   with beauty and wisdom,
And as soon as you sat   the bitter  neem tree  it seems became sweet.

5.Thiruve  amarnthal un nethriyil  thilagamai,
Thejas   saumyam  niraintha  uruvamai,
6.Veyil , mazhai   paaramal thavam cheithai,
Balakan roopathile   ulagathil thondrinai
7.Un thai thanthai kulam yaarun ariyaare,
Ulagam yen veedu  , irai    yen thai yendraaye

Goddess Lakshmi sat in your forehead as Thilaka.
With a lustrous   and peaceful   great form,
Without bothering about rain or sun   you  did penance,
And you appeared    in the world  in the form of a boy,
No one knows your caste or  father  or mother ,
You  told world is my home and  God is my mother.

8.Chilar mozhinthanar   nee Sivanin roopam,
Chilar arinthanar   nee Vishnuvin roopam,
9.DAthathreya roopamo? Sri Ramane nee thaano?
Peer Avuliyavo? Para Brahmame   nee thaano?
10. Yentha roopamaanaalum neeye   yengal deivamaanaai,
BHakthanin   ishta roopathile Darisanamum alippai.

Some people told that   your form is that of Shiva,
Some knew that   your form is that of Lord Vishnu,
Is your  form that  of Dathathreya    or that of Sri Rama,
Are you saint Peer Auliya or are  you Para Brahmam  itself?
Whatever  may be your form , you  became our God.
And you  showed your self to your devotee in any form he liked.

11,Yethanai yethanai  leelaigal purinthai  ,
Ennatha yezhaigalin   thunbangal thudaithaai,
12.Thevittatha inbamandro, undhan  thirukadhai  thaan,
Ketppavarum thilaippare   kaanil  thenaruvi thaan
13.Matha jaathi bedangalaal   azhiyum maanidam,
Uyvura uravuppalam   amaitha   mahavathaaram.

How many sports    you did  ,
You  put an end to sorrows of innumerable  poor people,
Your divine story  is a  never satiating   pleasure  ,
Those who hear it   would get drown in the stream of honey,
You are the great incarnation which built    the bridge of understanding,
So  that humanity    would be lifted   from differences of caste   and religion.

14.Chaand patelin kudhirayai thedi thanthaai,
Thirumana veetaarodu shirdiyai adainthai,
15,Aanmeega   thedalul   anaivarayum azhaithaai,
Arulodu chernthu arputha  anubhavangalum thanthaai,
16Masoodhi thaayaam   Dwarakamayi athil vasithu,
Bhakthargalai rakshikkum  annayandro   , Sai,

You searched and found out the horse  of Chand Patel.
You came to Shirdi  along with a marriage party,
You called every one for the spiritual   search,
You gave  wonderful experiences  along with   divine grace
Living in Dwaraka Mayi which is a mother Masjid ,
Are you   not the mother   who protects all  , Oh Sai

17.Thirukaram alitha Udhi aru marundhakum –un,
Thiru arut parvai   Thuyarinai pokkum,
18.Arut thuniyil yengal paapangal thoosaagum –un,
Thirupadangal thotta  Shirdi  sorgamakum,
19.Adaikkalam,   pugunthorai   anbudan rakshithaye -un,
Arpudha  leelaikal amudhe , amudhinum uyariya  peramudhe.

The ash given by your divine hands   is great medicine  ,
And  your look of divine grace   would remove sorrows,
In the divine prayers   oyur sins would get  in to dust,
And the Shirdi touched by    your divine feet  is indeed heaven.
You protected with love those who surrendered to you
And the nectarlike wonderful sports of yours is greater nectar  than nectar of gods.

20.Neeroothi agal dheepangal eriya   cheithai,
Oli jyothiyile ajnana irulai   kalainthai,
21Bhakthanin kangal neer chorinthale akkaname.
Thuyar thudaikka  avan arugil nirppaye,
22.Dhamu anna  jathakathil oru  kolarum
Varunthi azhuthaar, illaye  pillau peru.

You poured water   and made the lamps burn,
And in the luster of light you removed the darkness  of ignorance,
When tears rushed    to the eyes of your devotee,
You would be standing by his side   to wipe away his sorrow,
There    was a problem in the  horoscope of brother DHamu,
He cried and wept as he  did not have any children.

23.Un thiruvadi adaintharrkku  illai Jatakame,
Alithai maankanigal , adainthar   Dhamu santhaname,
24,Vidhiyayum meerume un arpudha  arulumem
Nambikkayudan bhakthan unnai panithittale  ,
25.Shiva bhakthan   ,megavayum nee  chinanthaye  ,
Unnai Muslm yendru    bedham kondathaale .

To those who reach your divine feet , there is no horoscope,
You gave mango fruits   and   dhamu got children,
Your divine    grace would even defeat  fate
If the devotee   salutes you with devotion,
Once you got angry with Megha who was a devotee of Shiva ,
Because he differentiated     you as a muslim.

26.BHaktharkkille illaye   yetha  Thaazhve,
Meghavukkum nee   irakkam kaattinaaye
27.Ulleye  nee avanai uru mathinaye,
Unnil sivam kandu avan irai adainthane.
28.Gangai , Yamunai   neer  un padaathil chorinthaaye  ,
Das kanuvin  prayagai daham    thanthaaye.

There   is no high or low among devotees,
You also showed    mercy   to Megha,
Even in side   you changed  his form,
And  seeing Lord Shiva through you , he attained God.
You  poured ganges and Yamuna water  on your feet,
And you quenched   the thirst  of Prayaga   of Das Kanu.

29.Massidhiyil   amarnthu nee  alithai jnaopadesam,
Pasi yuthorkku cheitheer  Annadanam,
30.Ezhaikal mele  irakkam kol yendraye ,
Unmayai chol   , nermayai vaazh yendraye
31.Shiradiyin  kal pul   kooda peru prthrathe,
In thiruvadi muthamittu   iraivanai    adainthathe.
You taught Jnana  sitting in a asjid,
You  gave charity of food to the hungry,
Did you tell tell the truth and lead a honest life,
Even the grass and stone of Shirdi    were  blessed,
For they kissed your divine feet    and reached  God.

32.Akkallum pullumai naan irunthaale   -un,
Thiruvadiyai   yen sirasanthi  kalithiruppene,
33.Yethanai thavam cheithen,naan ariyene,
Yikkanam   unai thozhum   peru pethrene.
34.Irai arul   pethra manitharaal mattume  .
Unnai poojikkum bhakkiyam kittume.

If I had  been   that   grass    or stone  ,
I would have kept that feet  on my head and be happy,
I do  not how much  of penance  I have done,
Because I got the  opportunity   of saluting you now,
Only those men who had received  the grace of God,
Would get the luck of worshipping you.

35.Un arut parvai yen mel pattale ,
Yen theevinai poi  aanandam  nirainthidume,
36.Un men karamgal yen sirassin mel vaippaye  ,
Uthaman ninai thozhukindrom   chevi maduppaye.,
37.Un padaravindam thotta thoosu ondru pothume,
Yen kankalile othi   kondadiduvene.

If your glance   of grace falls on me  ,
My bad fate would go away   and my life wuld be filled with joy,
You would keep your  soft on my head  ,
We would salute you who is great and please hear what I tell,
The dust     that has touched   your feet is sufficient,
And I would   touch my eyes   with that and celebrate.

38.Un pada kamala theertham yen naavil pattale  ,
Naan pethra inbathai   paadi kalithiduvene,
39.Yen kanavile yennai aat kolluvaaye,
Nijam thanile nithamum   yen thunai nirppaye  ,
40.Anuvilum anuvaanaai, akhila andamum   neeyaanaai.
Yengenu nokkinum  neeye  nirkindraai

When the sacred water  of your lotus like feet touches my toungue,
I would sing and dance about the  pleasure  that I got,
Please  make me yours in my dreams,
And in real plane    you would always be as my  help,
You have become atom within an atom and you became the entire  universe ,
And wherever  I see  only you are  standing.

41.Yen annai nee , thanthai nee , ivvulakaye  ,
Moovadiyai alanthitta   thirumalum nee ,
42.Akhilam un illam , Anda  characharam un roopam,
Adiyaarkku  arula  allavaa   nee  eduthai avatharam,
43,Kuchelanayum  kubheranaakum  sakthi irunthume,
Un unavai pichai   yeduthu  undaai.

You are my mother, you are my father, You are Lord Visnu,
Who measured the entire universe  with three  feet,
Everywhere  is your home , the entire universe  is your form,
Did you  not take this  incarnation to bless your devotees,
Though you had   the power  to make even Kuchela  as Khubera,
You  begged   for your food  and ate it.

44.Sai namame  pokkidum pala Dukhangal,
Sai Namame   alithidum  pala  Sukhangal,
45,Sai namathinaal  Vyazhan vritham poondaale ,
Sai Namam  nalgum pala namaigalume.
46. Noyuthor  pini vedanai neengidume ,
Thuyaruthor   thunbangal  tholainthidume.

The name sai    would remove several sorrows,
The name Sai would grant you  many pleasures,
If we do Thursday penance   using name of Sai,
The name Sai   would give you several benefits.
The sickness  and pain of those who are  would go away,
And the   sorrow of those  who are  sad would be lost.

47.Sai krupayaal Daridram marainthidume,
Sai vruthathaal   sukham , santhi   veetil nilavidume
48.Sai Namam dhinam japithalume,
Onbathu vuazhan sAi vrutham pondalume,
49.Sai varuvaar  , iranguvaar  nammidame,
Thunbam kalaivar  , tharuvaar  aanadame.

By   the blessing of Sai poverty would disappear ,
By the penance  of Sai  Pleasure and peace would be there  in the home,
If you daily chant the name of Sai,
Or observe Thursday penance  for nine weeks,
Sai would come  and he would take pity on us  ,
He would remove our sorrow   and would give us joy.

50.SAyiye Saswatham, Sayiye sathyam,
Ithai nambupavan vaazvil illai   perum thunbam,
51.Sayiye Parameswaran  , Sayiye Paramathman,
SAyiye para sakthi roopan, SAyiye  Paranthaman,
52.Nambikkai   bhakthi   porumayudan saran   adaivom,
Sai arulaal  paraBrahmanandam adaivom

Sri Sai Nadharukke   Arpanam

Sai  only is stable  , Sai only is truth,
In the life of those   who believe it there  is no great sorrow,
Sai is Parameshwara, Sai is the divine God  ,
Sai has the form of divine Goddess , Sai is  Lord Vishnu,
Let I us surrender to him  with belief, devotion  and patience ,
Then we would get divine bliss by the grace  of Sai

This is dedicated to Lord Sai,

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