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Ikal-86th chapter of Thirukural- (hostility/enmity)

Ikal-86th chapter  of Thirukural-

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(Hostility is a poison  that makes your life miserable. The poet feels that  if  you are completely devoid  of hostility, you can lead a life of pleasure and joy and thus  life would be more meaningful.)

1.Ikal yenba  yella uyirkkum  , pakal yennum,
Panbu  inmai  parikkum noi.

1.Hostility   is that disease which prevents  from ,
One soul not joining the other but makes  it differ.

2.Pakal karuthi  paththaa  cheyinum   , ikal karuthi  ,
Inna cheyyamai thalai.

2.If one person  does not move with you  but  does,
Something   that you hate, considering  possible hostility,
It is  necessary   for  you not  cause sorrow   to him.

3,Ikal yennum  yevvanoi   neekin  thaval illaa,
Thavil  vilakkam tharum.

3.If one removes  all hostility  from himself , it would,
Give him undying fame.

4.Inbathul  inbam payakkum  ikal yennum,
Thunbathul  thunbam kedin.

4.If the great sorrow called  hostility  is not there,
With one person  , it would give him greatest  pleasure.

5.Ikal yethir  chainthu ozhuka  vallarai  , yaare 
Mikal ookum   thanmayavar.

5.Can any one  think of  ever winning  those  
Who  are able to avoid   all hostility.

6.Ikalin mikal  inithu  yenbavan  vaazhkai,
Thavalum  kedalum  naNithu.

6.If one turns hostile  against  one, who differs with him,
His life would get destroyed fast and he himself would get destroyed.

7.Mikan meval  mei porul  kaaNAar  , ikal  meval,
Inna   arivinavar.

7.Those evil minded persons  who like  to become hostile,
Would not be able to see  the truth which will lead  to victory.

8.Ikalirkku yethir chaithal  aakkam  athanai  ,
Mikalookin  ookkumaam kedu .

8.Going away from hostility  would lead you to greatness,
But if he become   enthusiastic about it , it would cause  bad  results to him.

9.Ikal kaanaan aakkam varumkal  athanai  ,
Mika;  kaanum  kedu thararkku,

9.During his good   times  , one would not think  of hostility,
But when his period  of destruction comes, he  would  try to win over it.

10.Ikalaan  innatha  yellam  , nakalaan aam,
Nannayam   yennum cherukku.

10.Due to hostility   several  sorrows come to a person,
And by friendship, he  would have fame  of having great culture.

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