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Onnu thirinjenne nokkane-A malayalam Bhajan on Ayyappa

Onnu thirinjenne nokkane

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1.Onnu thirinjenna nokkane  ,
Krishna, Krishna, Krishna ,
Yende yullile   punnara Neela  kaar  varna,
Krishna, Krishna, Krishna ,

1.Please  turn and see  me once,
Oh Krishna, Oh Krishna, Oh Krishna,
Who is the darling of my heart  who is of the colour of blue  cloud,
Oh Krishna, Oh Krishna, Oh Krishna,

2.Manja peethambara  pattuduthum,
Mannil purandoru dehavumai  ,
Anjana  kannukal   chimmi, chimmi  ,
Randu karangalil  vennayumai ,
Onnum ariyatha oru unniye pol,
Krishna , Krishna  , Krisha. (onnu..)

2.Dressed   in the   yello silk cloth ,
With body  which had rolled inmud ,
With black eyes  batting and batting ,
With   butter  in both your hands ,
Like   a very innocent looking   baby,
Oh Krishna, Oh Krishna, Oh Krishna.

3.Picha vechunni melle  nadannu  ,
Thechi poomalakal   aake ulanju ,
Achyutha  nee yen muththathile,
Mannu  vaari  thinna  kaikalalle  ,
Ammayum kandangu    athisayachu ,
Krishna, Krishna, Krishna  (onnu..)

3.The little babe   toodled   and walked  slowly,
And the  garlands of Thechi flowers god spoiled,
Oh Achyutha  , with the hands that  took,
And ate   the mud from my courtyard,
Which was seen by your mother  with wonder,
Oh Krishna, Oh Krishna, Oh Krishna,

4.Kaliya mardhanam cheithalum,
Kamsane j konnu jayichalum  ,
Govardhanam kuda  pidichalum,
Geethopadesam nee   cheithalum  ,
Yennullil nee  oru paithalalle ,
Krishna, Krishna, Krishna  (Onnu.. )

4.Though you danced   on the head of Kaliya  ,
Though   you  won over Kamsa  and killed him,
Though   you  held Govardhana mountain as your umbrella,
And Though   you   taught  Bhagawat Geetha ,
Are you not a little baby in my mind,
Oh Krishna, Oh Krishna, Oh Krishna,

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