Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Visva Prarthana (Universal prayer in Hindi)

Visva  Prarthana
(Universal prayer)

Swami Sivananda

Translated  by

(The late Swami Sivananda  hailed from a village called Pathamadai   in   Tamil Nadu  but as a SAnyasi  , a great sage and a  great Yogi   he  preferred   to settle down   in the Shivananda   Ashram that  he established  in Rishi Kesh. His teachings can be  summarized  by   six words” Serve, love , give, purity,  Meditate   and realize.”. Here is a great  Hindi prayer , which   was chanted by his Ashram  inmates regularly . The prayer is lofty and twangs the string  of your heart   and takes you near   God. You can either read it in Hindi or If you prefer   read it in  English  daily   with sincerity and faith. You would be taking daily  one more step  towards God.)

1.Hey sneh  aur  karuna ke  aaradhya   devaa,
Thumhen Namaskara hai, Namaskar hai,
Thum sarva vyapak  , sarva sakthiman   aur Sarvajna ho  ,
Thum sachidananda  ghan ho  ,
Thum sabke   Antharvasi ho.

1.Oh God   who is worshipped with love  and mercy  .
My salutations to you, my salutations ,
You are universally spread  , You  are universally strong and universally  knowledgeable
You are   the concentrated    divine  joy  ,
You are within every one.

2.Hamen Udharatha , samadarsitha   aur  man ka  samathv  pradhan kao,
Sradha  Bhakthi  aur prajna se   krutharth   karo,
Hamen Adhyathmik  antha sakthi   ka   var dho,
Jis se  hum  vasanavom  ka   damn kar   mano jai  ko  prapth ho,
Hum  ahankar  , kam, lobh  , grunaa , krodh   aur  dwesh  se rahith ho  ,
Hamara  hrudai  divya gunom se  paripoorith   karo.

2.Give us generosity  , tolerance   and  mental stability.
Make  us  contented    by faith , devotion  and wisdom.
Give us the  boon  of  the inner  spirituality,
Using which   we can  destroy our  bad qualities and win over  our mind.
Make us free from pride  , passion , avarice , hatred   and anger.
Make heart filled   with divine  characters.

3.Hum sab  nam-roopon mein thumhara  darsan Karen.
Thumhari   archana  ke hi roop mein   in nam roopon kee   seva Karen.
Sadaa  thumhara   hi  smaran Karen.
,SAdaa  thumhari   hi  mahima ka gan Karen.
THumhara   hi  kali kalmasha   hari   nam   hamare  adhar- put par   ho.
Sadaa  hum   thum may  hi nivas Karen.

5.Let us   see be able to see you in   all  your  name-forms.
Let   us be able   serve your name forms  in the form of floral worship,
Let  us  be able  to always   think about you 
Let us be able to always   sing   about  your greatness,
Let your name which  removes the ills of the Kali age   be always on the tip of my lips .
Let us be  able   to  always live in you.

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