Friday, November 13, 2015

Swamiye Saranam (an emotional Bhajan in Malayalam)

Whenever  I sing or hear   this prayer   tears of joy   fill  my eyes  as I have been lucky enough to chant it .Those who do not know Malayalam   can read my  translation and have the same feeling .What a great stotra, Ayyappa

Swamiye  Saranam  (an emotional Bhajan in Malayalam)

Translated by

Swamiye  Saranam , Swamiye  Saranam,
Saranam  Tharanam Ayyappa 

I surrender to you  Oh God , Oh God I surrender  to you ,
Oh Lord Ayyappa  , you have  to give us protection.

1.Bhakthiyillathavar  dukham sahikkumbol,
Bhagyathal   jnan  ninde bhakthanai
AAkula chinthakal yillennikkonnume,
Asritha vathsala  nin varathal.           (Swamiye..)

1.When those  who are not  having devotion   are bearing   sorrows,
Due to great luck, I became   your devotee .
I do not   have any worrying thoughts at any time ,
Due to  your boons, Oh Lord  who  loves his devotees.   (I surrender…)

2.Nin pada renukkal yethu kondallayo,
Nin vazhitharayil  jnan irikkunnu,
Nin Pada  sparsathaal   kol mayir  kollumbol,
Yen Papam aaviyai  poyidatte .     (swamiye.. )

2.Am I not sitting  on the  path you take ,
Being  touched  by the  dust of your feetm
When I horripilate   by the touch of your feet ,
Let all my sins evaporate  and go away.   ( I surrender..)

3.Chinthayileppozhum nin roopamakayaal,
Chollennatheppozhum  nin namamaakayaal,
Cheyyunntheppozhum   nin ishtamaakayaal,
oOyyalla , jnananu   Jeevan mukthan. (Swamiye..)

3. Because   your form is always in my thoughts,
Because   what I tell  always  is your name ,
And because   what  I do always  is your  wish,
It  is not a lie , I am the one   whose  soul has got salvation.   (I surrender…)

4.Bheethiyillathe  kazhinjiduvaanai  ,
Bhootha dhayayodu jeevikkuvaanai ,
Bhoomiyolam   kshama  undakuvanai  ,
Bhootha Nadha  ninde  padham thozhunnen. (swamiye..)

4.For  living with freedom   from fear ,
For living   with mercy   to all souls  ,
And for getting patience like  the earth,
Oh Lord of all beings , I am saluting your feet,  ( isurrender…)


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