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Natpu-79th chapter of Thirukural- (Friendship)

Natpu-79th chapter of Thirukural-

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(The great poet  has defined what  is friendship in this chapter .If I  had some power, I would  have made it as compulsory reading  material  for  the entire population. He says outward smile   does  not indicate   friendship  but a smile which rises   from the inside does..Please read  each and every one of these gems. Perhaps your life would change for the better,)

1.Cheyarkkariya yaavula  , natpin  athupol,
Vinaikriya  yavula  kappu.

1.What can  be better than making a friend,
And what are better there  than it  as a security for a job.

2.Nirai neera  neeravar kenmai  , pirai mathi  ,
Pin neera   pethayaar   natpu.

2.The friendship with wise people is like a waxing moon,
And friendship with   ignorant  ones is like  a  waning  moon.

3.Navil thorum  nool nayam  polum  payilthorum,
Panbudayaalar   thodarppu.

3.Like   the  greatness  of a book  increases  with more learning,
The friendship with cultured people gives  increasing  joy.

4.Naguthar  poruttandru  natal  miguthikan,
Mer chendru  idithar  poruttu.

4.Developing friendship is not just  for laughing together  ,
But also to criticize if the friend does  job against dharma.

5.Punarchi pazhakuthal  vendaa unarchi thaan,
Natpaankizhamai tharum.

5.For developing friendship  contact   and moving with each other is not needed,
But can be developed by knowing the virtues of each other  , even without seeing.

6.Muka naka  natpathu natpandru  , nenjathu  ,
Aka naka natpathu natpu.

6.Friendship is not  just  having a smile in the face ,
But it is the happiness   which comes from  inside .

7.Azhivimavai neeki  aaruynthu   azhivin kan,
Auzhappathaam  natpu.

7.Friendship consists  of stopping  a friend  from going to evil ways,
And becoming  sad when he   is sorrowing.

8.Udukkai  izhanthavan  kai pola,
Idukkan kalaivathaam natpu.

8.Just like  the hand  holding his cloths when it slips,
Friendship consists of helping to sorrow for the other when it comes to the other.

9.Natpirkku veethirukkai  yaathenil  kotpindri  ,
Ollumvai   oondrum nilai .

9.The  great  property of friendship  is  standing  with stability ,
Without change  with your friend, come  what may.

10.Inayar ivaremakku  innam yam  yendru,
Punayinum  pullenum   natpu.

10.Measuring friendship saying   that his friendship is so muchg strong,

And my friendship is so much strong , is belittling   friendship.

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