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Ponnana deivame –A prayer in Tamil to Ayyappa

Ponnana deivame –A prayer  in Tamil  to Ayyappa

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1.Ponnana deivame  , yennalum yengalai ,
Kathida vendumappa  Ayyappa.
Kathida vendumappa

1.Oh Golden god  , Oh Ayyappa  , forever ,
You   have   to protect us, oh God,
You have   to protect us  , Oh God.

2.Nethiyil thiruneerum, bhakthiyaal panineerum,
Naan ynakku tharuvenappa, Ayyappa,
Naan unakku tharuvenappa.

2 Sacred  ash  on the forehead  and rose water  with devotion
Would be given by   me   , Oh lord , Ayyappa
I would give   you, oh lord

3.oyamal ozhiyamal  un  pugazh pada ,
Varam tharuvai Ayyappa yenakku ,
Varam tharuvai, Ayyappa

3.Without  time break   and without   rest  to sing your fame,
Give me a boon Ayyappa,
Give a boon ,  Ayyappa

4.Karthigai madhathil karpooram yeththiye  ,
Saranangal paadeeduduven  , Ayyappa,
Saranangal  paadeeduven.

4.In the month of Kathigai,  after lighting the camphor ,
I would  sing  “I surrender” , Ayyappa,
I would sing  “I surrender”.

5.Chandana  pottittu   sadaa  un  pakkathil,
Irunthida  thondruthappa, nilayai  ,
Irunthida  thondruthappa.

5.Along with a thilak of Sandal   I would like to sit,
Always   on your side oh god, Oh Ayyappa,
I want to sit by your side .

6.Kuzhandhayai nee irunthaal  , kumkuma pottittu  ,
Konjida thondruthappa , Unnaye,
Konjida thondruthappa.

6.If you remain as a baby, putt ing  a thilak of Saffron,
I would like   to  fondle you , Oh God,
I would like   to  like to fondle.

7.Erumeli thannile pettakal aadiye ,
Viraivinil varuvomappa  ,Unnai kana ,
Viraivinil varuvomappa.

7.After  dancing Pettai dance  in Erumeli  ,
We would  come speedily, oh god  , to see you.
WE would come   speedily.

8.vandhanam pala cheithu  , vaavarai  valam vandhu  ,
Vanangiye  varuvomappa , Ayyappa,
Vanangiye varuvomappa.

8.After saluting yoy several times , after  going round Vavar,
We would come   saluting you  , oh God , Oh Ayyappa,
We would come   saluting you.

9.Panbayil neeradi  , Annadhanavum cheithu  ,
Deepangal parthiduvom ,Laksha,
Depangal parthiduvom,

9.After taking bath in Pamba   and after  giving food as charity,
We would see  a lakh lamps,
We would see  lamps.

10.Pathinettam padi mele   yeri vanthu   nangal,
Abhishegam seivom appa  , Unakku  ,
Abhishegam seivomappa.

10.After  climbing   the eighteen steps , we would,
Do anointing    to you oh god,
 Do anointing , Oh God.

11.Thai mudhal naal andru  , Ponnambala  mettil,
Jyothiyai  kaanvomappa  , Makara ,
Jyoyjiyai kaanvomappa.

11.On the   first day of Thai month , On the  golden mountain,
We would see   the Makara  light of   your flame  , Oh God,
Light of your flame  , Oh God.

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