Thursday, April 21, 2016

Adhi Sankara's Eka sloka prakaranam

Eka sloka prakaranam
The  monograph of one verse

Adhi Sankara Bhagawatpada

Translated by

   (  Here is absolute   knowledge  in  one verse  given by the great  Acharya.I have not translated word by word but   have given overall  meaning . The Sanskrit and Tamil  image of the Stotra is taken from acknowledgements for the same )

Kim jyothi sthavaBhanumaana  hani  may rathrou  prathipadhikam,
Sya devam   ravi darsana vidhou kim jyothirakhyajimay  .
Chakshusthsya   nimileenaathi  samaye   kim dhee   dhiyo darsane ,
Kim thathraaham  atho bhavan paramakam   jyothisthasmi  prabho  .

Which light helps you? it is sun in day time and may be lamps at night,
With the aid of   which light would you see  that  sun as well as lamp? It is by using the eye,
What would you do   when your eyes are  closed? I would use the light of my wisdom?
How would you see that  wisdom? Ofcourse  there is my soul  and so oh lord ,  soul is the brightest among all

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