Saturday, April 23, 2016

Thaye Visalakshi … Dhayai Purivaaye

Thaye  Visalakshi  … Dhayai  Purivaaye
(Oh mother Visalakshi  -Please show your mercy)

Latchoumy  Mohan

Translated  by

(The authoress who is my face book  friend writes “Good evening friends... Dedicating this verse of mine to my beloved Akka Kanthi Narayanan akka and Usha Muthukrishnan akka, whose grand children , Milan and Meenakshi are blessings of Ambal. When at temple, praying for the children, looking at Ambal, this verse formed in my mind.... I know  my friend is capable of doing a better  translation  and she would excuse me for my attempt.)

1.Amma agilaanda naayagi
Arul puriyum eswari
Engal visaalakshi thaayae

Oh Mother  , the  leader  of all the universe,
Oh Goddess   who showers her grace,
Oh  mother  Visalakshi(Broad eyed  lady)

2.Joliththidum un vathanaththil
Thanjam adainthidum enmanathu
Minnidum mookuththiyin oliyinilae
Marainthidumae en manakkuraiyae

My mind  surrenders  ,
To your    shining face,
in the luster  of your shining nose stud,
All my mental worries disappear.

3.Kulungidum unkaraththin valaiyosai
Kuzhandai selvam thanaithanthidumae
Kaalmettin kattukkul ivulagam
Kavalaimaranthu manamagizhnthu vaazhumae

The sound of bangles   of your shaking hand makes  tingling sound,
And would give    the wealth of   children to us.
And this world would live with mental joy  ,
In the tie   of your  toe rings

4.Nee thantha selvaththai kaapathu
Amma endrum un poruppae
Virainthae vanthun vizhimalargal
ILam thalir   nokkida kathiduvaaye

Oh mother always   is your duty,
To protect the wealth that you gave,
Please come here quickly  and with your flower like eyes,

And look it   these young leaf buds and protect them

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