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Akarathil amaintha Anantha Ramayanam (Tamil)

Akarathil amaintha  Anantha Ramayanam

Taken from Kumudam Bhakthi  (7/4/2016)

Translated by

(Here is a summary of  Ramayanam in Tamil, with each word of the    summary starting wit letter “aa”.)

Ananthane  asurarkalai azhithu  ,
1.Anbarkalukku arula   avaniyil,
Ayothi   arasanaaga   avatharithaan,
Appothu   Arikku aranaaka   Aranin amsamai,
Anumanum   avatharithathaaka   arikirom.
Andru anjanai   avanikku alitha,
Anbalippu allavo    Anuman? Avane  ,
Arivazakan , anbazhakan , Anbarkalai ,
Aravanaithu   arulum    arut chelvan .

1.For showering his  grace on those who love him,
By  destroying the asuras , The endless lord himself,
Was   born in this world as    the king of Ayodhya.
Then to help   to that Vishnu  , as an incarnation of Lord Shiva  ,
WE understand that  Hanuman was  also born in this world.
Is  not Hanuman the gift given by Anjana to the earth then,
He himself is the wise  beauty  , the beauty with love and   is he not,
The   graceful lord   who hugs his  devotees and protects them.

2.Ayothi adaleru , ammithilai arasavayil  ,
Arasanin  ariya villai adakki, anbum,
Adakkmum   angangalaaga   amaintha,
Azhakiyai   adainthan. Ariyanayil  ,
Amarum arukathai   annanaagiya  ,
Anantha  Ramanukke .  Appadiyirukka antho,
Akakikeyi   asooyayaal    Ayothi,
Arasanukkum adangaamal   aniyayamaaga  ,
Avanai   aranyathukku   anuppinaal.

2.That lion of war of Ayodhya  ,  controlled ,
The rare bow of the bow of the king of  Mithila.
And  got  the beauty   whose limbs    were  ,
Love   as well  as humility .
The  right to sit on the throne   was  for,
The Anantha  Raman who was   the eldest brother.
When it was like that   alas  , that Kaikeyi  ,
Due to jealousy  without   becoming ,
Submissive   even to the king of Ayodhya ,
With great injustice    sent him to the forest.

3.Adaviyulum apaayam  , arakkarkalin,
Arasan  , annayil azhakaal arivu  yizhanthu,
Abalayai apakarithaan, adasamukhanin  ,
Akkiramangalukku  , attozhiyangalukku,
Alavillai. Ayothi annal  ,
Abnnai angirunthu    agandrathaal   adaintha  ,
Avathikkum alavillai.Atharunathil,
Anumanum  , anaivarum ariyai  adi paninthu,
Avanaye   adaikkalamaaga   adainthanar.

3.Even in the forest there was danger.
The king of Rakshasas losing his brain  ,
Due to the beauty of the mother,
Kidnapped    that  helpless lady.
There was no limit   to   the  evil acts,
As well as  trouble some acts of the ten faced one.
And there was no limit  to the sorrow of the Lord,
Of Ayodhya due   to the mother going away from there.
And at that time Hanuman   and all the people  ,
Fell at the feet of Lord Vishnu and surrendered to him.

4.Antha adiyaarul   arukathayulla anbanai  ,
Arasanaaga  ariyanayil amarthinar  .Aduthu,
Annaikkaaka    avvanarar anaivarum,
Avaniyil angum ingum   alainthanar,
Alasinar.Anuman alai kadalai  alatchiyamaaga ,
Adiyeduthu   alanthu   akkarayai  adainthan.
Asoka  marathin adiyil   arakkikal   ,
Amarthithirukka, annayai  adi paninthu,
Annalin adyaalamaagiya,
Akkanayaazhiyai   aval idam alithan.

4.Then they crowned   one among   those devotees,
Who was    suitable    and placed him there,
And all those  monkeys for the sake of the mother.
Wandered   here and there   all over the earth and searched.
Hanuman without botheration    took a few steps  ,
Over the ocean with waves   and reached   the other shore,
When the Rakshasis  were sitting there  , he saluted the feet,
Of the mother and gave her   the signet   ring,
Which was   the symbol of the lord.

5.Annai anubavitha alavatha avathikal,
Anekamaaka   ananinthana.Annayin,
Anbayum   arulaasiyaiyum  akkaname  ,
Adainthan anuman. Aduthu,
Arakkarkalai   alara adithu avarkalin,
Arangalai aganthaikalai adiyodu,
Akkiniyaal  azhitha  anumanin  
Attahasam, asathiyamana   athisakasam.

5.Most of    the sufferings of the mother  ,
Were put out and he  immediately got  ,
The  love and grace   of the mother and then,
He made  the rakshasas   suffer   and destroyed,
By fire   their protections as well as their   pride  completely,
And this was   an impossible  valorous   act  of Hanuman .

6.Anantharaman alai kadalin  adhipathiyai,
Adakki  , athisayamana anayai  amaithu,
Akkarayai adainthaan, Athasamuka,
Arakkanai   amaril ayanin   asthirathaal  
Azhithaan. Akkiniyil   ayaraamal   arpanitha,
Annayaval   athi arputhamai   annalai,
Adainthaal.Annayudan ayothiyai,
ADainthu ariyanayil   amarnthu   arulinaan.

6.Then that endless Rama  subdued   the king of ocean,
And after   building a wonderful bridge, reached the other shore,
And destroyed that   ten headed Rakshasa using Brahmastra,
And when without hesitation the mother   fell in to the fire ,
And she   was not harmed in a wonderful manner  ,
And he  made the mother  his own and then,
After reaching   Ayodhya with the mother ,
He occupied    the throne    there

7. AnnalAnantha Ramanin   avathara,
Arum kathai   akarathile   adukkadukkaka,
Amainthathu , anumanin  arulaale ,
Avan adi archippom  , Anaithayum  ,
Aruiduvaan   anbarin agam    arinthe.

Due to   the blessings of Hanuman   the story,
Of The Lord  got written down  one after another,
With all words   starting  in  letter  “aa.”
We would worship his feet   and  knowing well,
The mind of devotes , he   would fulfill  all their wishes,

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