Saturday, April 9, 2016

Aisa hai mere Ram-A Hindi Bhajan on Ram

Aisa hai mere Ram-A Hindi Bhajan  on Ram

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1,Aisa hai mere ram,
Vinay bhara  hridauy karen   jise pranam,
Aisa  hai mere Ram

My Rama is like that ,
Who  is saluted   by a heart full of humility,
My Rama is like that

2.Hriday kamal , nayan kamal  ,
Sumukh kamal  , charan kamal  ,
Kamal ke kunj tej kunj  chavi  lalit  lalaam,
Aisa  hai mere ram

His heart is lotus , his   eyes are lotus ,
His face is lotus  , His feet is lotus,
He is a garden of lotus , He is a lustrous  image  ,
And he   is  easily   attainable  ,

My Ram is like that.

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