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Saranam, Saranam Deva –A bhajan in Malayalam

Saranam, Saranam Deva –A bhajan in  Malayalam

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(The prayer touches the heart and tells  us  that surrender to Ayyappa is a better   way.)

1.Saranam Saranam Devaa   saranamayyappa,
Karuna  varenam nithyam  , Sabari gireesa.

1.I surrender, I surrender  Oh God  , I surrender  to Ayyappa.
Daily  I  need   your kindness, Lord  of Sabari mountain.

2.Nidhi kettum yennurachu  , parambugal  kuzhichu,
Karinkannu  thattumo yennavayyavabgal marachu,
Oru labham  anayaatheekkalam  jnan kazhichu  ,
Sabari gireesa  paadam  gathi yennurachu.  (Saranam , Saranam deva,,)

2.Being definite that  I would get a treasure, I dug lot of fields ,
Suspecting that  evil eye  would fall on me  , I hid all my limbs,
Without getting   any profit  I spent   all this time,
And I firmly decided that the feet of  the God of Sabarigiri  is my  refuge.(Saranam, Saranam…)

3.Pala pala swapnangal  manassingal udhichu,
Vanithakl  than meyyil  nayanangal pathichu,
Panam panam yennu vechudinamthorum chilachu,
Gunamonnum kittathen  mudi polum narachu.  (Saranam, Saranam Deva..)

3.Various and various  dreams   rose up in my mind,
My eyes fell on the   bodies  of other ladies ,
Saying money, money  , I daily chattered,
And my hairs   became  white  without getting  any benefit  .

4.Panathilum kanthayilum  sukham mennu ninachu,
Divasangalullathellam   veruthe   jnan nayichu,
Amrutham yennurachathokke  vishamai bhavichu,
Amrutholi  chitharum nin paadham   pinne  ninachu.  (Saranam, Saranam…)

4.I thought   that pleasure is there  in money  and in my wife  ,
I spent  all the days    without doing    anything,
Whatever I thought   was nectar  turned out to be poison,
And then afterwards  I thought  of your feet which  scattered nectar  like light.

5,Iniyulla kalamellam  nin kadhakal urachu,
Muni  padamanayuvaan  manssithilurachu  ,
Athinoru varam tharaan  muthiranamayya  nee,
Karuna  than samudrame, Harihara   suthane.  (Saranam, Saranam…)

5.I decided   in my mind to spend    all my remaining  time,
To tell your stories   and  trying  to become like a sage,
Oh Lord, you should  try to give a boon for that,
Oh Ocean of mercy, Oh son of Hari and Hara.

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