Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Dil ki har dhadkan-A hindi Bhajan

Dil ki har  dhadkan-A hindi Bhajan 

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(A  very sentimental Bhajan addressed    to Lord Krishna  Hear it in https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gQMggvvVfgQ)

Dil ki har dhadkan se, tera naam nilka tha hai,
Tere darshan ko Mohan, tera das tharastha hai
Janamo se janam lekar, me haar gaya Mohan
Darshan bin vyarth huva, har bhaar mera jeewan
Kya khel sajaya hai, mohoro ki thara humko
Kya khub nachaya hai, khat putali sa humko
Ee khel tere pyare, bus thuhi samajtha hai
Yeh dil pukaratha hai, ek bhar chale awoo
Darshan dekhar pyare, meri bigadi banajawoo
Pritham mere dil me, arman machal tha hai
Karbhi do daya Mohan, hum bhi tho tumare hai
Ek bhar tho apanalo, janamose tumare hai
Tere nitya milan ko aab, jeevan ye tharas tha hai
“Govind chale awoo, Gopal chale awoo
Hey Muralidhar Madhav, Nandalal chale awoo
Govind chale awoo, Gopal chale awoo
Hey Anand dhan Mohan, Raas Raj chale awoo”

English translation

From each   beat of my heart  , your name  is rising up,
Oh Mohan to see   you your slave  is  greatly longing,
From birth to birth, I have been defeated, Oh Mohan,
Without being able to see , every time my life became a waste,
What a  play you have arranged  for us like the rubber seal,
In what manner you have made us dance  , like the pupprt,
There is a game which you like , which only you understand  ,
This mind is calling   you, please do come  once  ,
After   you show yourself to me  oh dear  , become one   who shatters me,
Oh darling , in my heart  , desire   is    playing about,
Why don’t you show your mercy Mohan as I am also yours,
Atleast once make me yours as   I am yours from several births,
My heart is longing     to see   you daily  ,
“Oh Govind, please come  , Oh Gopal please come,
Oh Lord whoi has a flute  , Oh Madhava  , Oh baby of  Nanda  please come ,
Oh Govind please come  , Oh Gopal please come  ,

Oh Mohan who gives  me joy  , Oh king  of Raas  , please come.

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