Thursday, December 17, 2015

Bhoothanadha Keerthanam

Bhoothanadha Keerthanam

Translated  by

1.Ponnambalithin oliye-nalla,
Villali veera  prabhuve

1.Oh light of the golden temple, Oh Lord,
Who is a great    archer

2.Madurya sarvaswa moorthe  -Mano,
Mohana gana   swarame

2.Oh  God who is sweetness personified –Oh musical note,
Which  bewitches   the  mind

3.Lokathinnu yeka guruve –divya,
Sathphala  kalpa   tharuve

3.Oh only teacher   of the world-Oh wish giving tree,
Which gives   the  good fruit I of divinity.

4.Sankakaran thannanga  ragam –Nithya,
Malangarikkum nin subhangam.

4.The  affection of  Lord Shiva  would ,
Decorate   you daily.

5.Yennantharangathil  minnan  -Devam
Sri Bhoothanadha   thunakka.

5,Oh God  , Oh Bhoothanadha  help  me,
So that  there is lightning  in my mind.

6.Maninimarilum  pon kunnilum ,
AAsayillathe  nin padham,
7.Chintha cheythu aarthi akalaan –Loka  -,
Palaka  balaa  namikkam.

6-7.For meditating so that  desire leaves me ,
Oh  ruler of the world , Oh Lad, I will  salute ,
Your feet  which does not  have desire  ,
In the ladies as well as  mountains of gold.

8.Chaithnya roopanaam ninde –sakthi,
Yethilum kandu hrudantham

8.You are   having a form of divinity  and ,
I see  your power  in everything by my mind.

9.Sarppadhi doshangalonnu-menye,
SArva samamayi  Bhavippan,
10.Chandra  kaladhara  soono-bhootha,
Nayaka, nannai kaniyu.

9-10.For everything to be completely equal,
Without any   fault   caused  by Sarpa(snake)  and others,
Oh Son  of Lord  Shiva who wears   the moon ,
Oh Lord of Bhoothas, Please become extremely soft towards me.

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