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Sree Kovil nada Thuranoo-A Malayalam devotional

Sree Kovil nada  Thuranoo-A Malayalam devotional

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1.Sree kovil nada thuranoo, ponnamabalathil,
Sreekovil nada  thuranoo

1.The door of the sanctum has opened  in the golden temple,
The Door  of  the sanctum has opened.

2.SAnkrama   sandhya sindhooram   charthiya  ,
Ponnambalathin  sree kovil  nada thuranoo
Deepavali  uyarnu
Sharanam vili uyarnu,
Swamiye sharanamayyapa

2.The   door  of the  sanctum of   the golden temple,
Which has been coloured red   by   the  sun  of the dusk has  opened,
The  row of  lights has gone  up,
The  sound of  shouting of Saranam has   risen up,
Oh God  Ayyappa   , I surrender   to you

3.Janakotikalude   yuga sandhyayude  ,
Asulabha   nirvruthi thaaraniyurnu
Athiloru devi  paraga renuvil  ,
Athinnu cheraan athi moham

3.The rare   star  of   pleasure  of the dusk  of the Yuga,
Of the   crores  of people has   arisen,
And  a goddess  there   has a   great desire   to merge with,
 That shining part of that   fame.

4.Thozhu kayyode   mizhi neerode ,
Thiru sannidhiyil jnan ninnotte
SAranagathane   karunakarane  ,
Saranam neeye Sabarigireesa.

4.With   folded hands and tear filled eyes,
Let me stand   in front of   the God there,
Oh Lord   who protects those  who surrender ,
Oh Lord   who does   merciful deeds,

Oh God of Sabarigiri , I surrender to you.

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