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Sri Sasthru sthavam praising Bala Sastha of Trayambakapuram

Sri Sasthru sthavam

Sengalipuram  Anantharama    Deekshithar

Translated  by

(Though  the devotees of Sastha   , praise  him as the  Lord of Trayambakapuri   many of them may not be aware about the  location  of  Trayambaka Puri.    This  place is near  Thiruvarur   of Tamilnadu   in the  Nannilam Taluq of  Tanjavur district.   This is a small village (called Erumathalai   village)   houses a very small temple of  Lord Sastha   in the form of a boy riding on an elephant apart from the famous Shiva(Trayambakeswarar ) temple  . This village   is very near   SEngalipuram .The God is called as Ayyanar or  Balasastha or Yanaimel azhagar  and is the family deity of  the Deekshithars  of  Sengalipuram. It is extremely difficult to locate this temple   and  The Great Sengalipuram Anantharama  Deekshithar   has composed   this great prayer  praising that Bala  Sastha. In 1970   when this prayer was published  one gurukkal   living  in Perumpannayoor    (Via  Kudavasal )  was looking after the temple   and doing pooja to it.Sri Aravind Subramanyam    an authority  on worship of Sastha   has  written a page   about this temple   enclosing  a  photograph of the temple  (http://shanmatha.blogspot.in/2011/11/trayambakapuram-my-favorite-temples.html . THere is also reference  to this temple in  https://shanthiraju.wordpress.com/thiruvarur/
Please chant this great  prayer  and get rid of problems created  by  Lord Saturn or Rahu or Kethu.   

1.Sastharameede   pavithram ,
Balasastharsmishtam  Hareesana  puthram.

1.Praise that Sastha   who  is saintly,
Who is the dear  boy  Sastha , the son of  Hari And Hara.

2.Thrathara mapathsu nithyam ,
Baktha vrundaya sarvapradatharamishtam,
Vakthramekanda bhakthe, sathru hanthara,
Masmadh kulasyadhi   deivam. (Sasthaarameede…)

2.He who saves  us from dangers  daily,
He who fulfills all desires of crowds  of devotees,
He who destroys all   enemies  of the devotees  who believe  in only him and  who talks to him,
And who is   the primeval   God  of our family.(Praise that Satha..)

3.Nithyam  Gajarooda gathram,
Loka Vikhyatha  mangalya shudha swagothram,
Charu nethram , sarath Chandra  san mithra vakthram. ( Sasthaarameede…)

3.He who always rides on the elephant   sitting on the front,
He who has   his own  pure clan which   is world famous  for giving auspiciousness,
He who holds a stick to protect   his devotees ,
He  who is  pretty eyes and a face like the  full moon of autumn  (Praise  that  Sastha..)

4.Balochithaa kalpa  vesham,
SAmruthaasesha pashanda bandodha  dosham,
SAmkluptha sadbahaktha   posham, ,
Veda goshabisheke, sugosham  , jushantham. ( Sasthaarameede…)

4.He who  suitably dresses  himself like   a boy,
He who removes   the evils created  by the atheists ,
He who looks after  those  devotees longing for him,
He who becomes  happy  by the anointing with the chant  of Vedic Manthras.( Praise that Sastha..)

5.Srri trayambakye purakriye,
Kshethra madhye vasantham charantham  cha  loke,
Gachantham aapadsu bakthaan,
Baktha chitha  pravesana   sarvam  vadantham. ( Sasthaarameede…)

5.He who lives  in the temple  in the middle of fields,
In the  place  called Tryambakapuri, He who travels  all over the world,
He who goes   along with devotees   when they are  in trouble,
And Who tells everything   after  entering the mind of his   devotees.(Praise that  Sastha…)

6.Meenothsave  Pesalaangam,
Veevadha ksheera   samsiktha  divyothamangam,
AAhithaagni   dvijair   manthra  sampoojithangrim  . ( Sasthaarameede…)

6.He  who  has pretty tender decorated form during festival   in month of May-June,
He who has a divine body bathed in the milk brought  in the Kavadi,
He who has  a merciful side  long glance  ,
He who is worshipped   by Brahmins raising fire   and chanting of Vedas.(Praise  that Sastha..)

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