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Padi Pooja Kazhinju - Ayyappa Songs Lyrics Malayalam

Padi Pooja Kazhinju - Ayyappa Songs Lyrics Malayalam

Singer: K.J Yesudas

Translated by

(When Lord Ayyappa  killed Mahishi, she got back her form of Yakshi and requested Lord Ayyappa to marry her. Lord Ayyappa promised her that   he will marry her  in that year when no debut  Ayyappa  comes to his temple  and asked  her to wait   for that to happen in  her temple in Sabarimala.. The debut  Ayyappa  on reaching Sabarimala  have to put an arrow on a banyan tree   at Sabari Mala called Saram Kuthiyal.  So after   the Makarajyothi  Malikapurathamma comes   in procession to Saram Kuthi   to inspect  whether there are  any new arrows  in that year. When she finds there  are new arrows she  returns back to her temple   to wait  for one more year .This song is about the procession  of Malikapurathama(the forever virgin) who comes with hope and goes back disappointed.
   Hear  this song  sung by  Gana Gandharwan  and  see the procession of Malikapurathamma   in )

1,padi pooja kazhinju panthalozhinju
paavana jyothi kandaalukal pirinju
manasilorayiram mohavumaayi
saram kuthiyaalil ezhunnallathu
(padi pooja...)

1.After the worship of the steps are over , the barn  is empty,
After seeing the divine flame , people have gone back,
Along with    thousands of desires in the mind ,
There is procession  of  Malikaporathamma,
There is procession to the  Saram kuthi banyan tree   (Padi pooja)

2.nithya kanyathan viraham pole neelakaasam mele (2)
brahma swaroopante chitham nirayam karmakandam neeyallo
thrippadi munnil urulumen manasum
mattoru naalikeram
nithyakanyaam amme ... nisabhdhayamamme....
(padi pooja...)

2Like the love lorn nature   of the forever virgin,  the blue sky is above,
Are you not  the chapter of action  of the  thought of the God who is  like Brahmam,
My mind which is rolling   before   the holy   steps is yet another  coconut,
Oh mother  who is forever  virgin – Oh mother are  you not tied  to the night

3.dukha chandrike poonkavanamathil sathyam allo neeyum (2)
kanni ayyappanmaar eyyum sarangal
ninnude maaril murivayi
madangiyalum vedhanayodini
mattoru varsham kaanaam....
nithya kanyayaam amme...
swasthi nerunnu.....
(padi pooja...)

3.Oh   sad moon light  , are you not also the truth in Poonkavanam,(the temple area in Sabari mala)
The arrows thrown by the debut  Ayyappas  ,
Have caused  the wounds  on your chest,
Please return back with pain,
WE would see  again after   another year,
Oh mother   who is forever  virgin,

I  wish you safety and peace(Padi pooja) 


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