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Kanyakumari Stotram

Kanyakumari  Stotram

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(Stotra taken from “Ambal stotrangal” published by  Rathnagireswarar temple, Chennai)

1.Devi Kanyakumari   , Parasakthi  , Devi Kanyakumari,
Thaavi varuguthamma yen nenjam,
Un thalinai naduthamma,
Jnalamelam   eendra,
Kanniyendra   nyayam  uraikuthamma,
Jnayiru thingalellam   nin thiru  ,
Jnana vadivin oli   parka vandhu  yennai  Devi nee  ,
Pakkathil Vaavendru ,
Nee partha  parvayile   yen nenjam,
Paakai  urukiththamma.

1,Oh Goddess Kanyakumari, Oh Divine power  , Oh Goddess Kanyakumari,
My heart is jumping and   coming  with  a desire   for your feet,
It tells me the justice of calling you a virgin   who gave  birth to the   entire world,
When I came on Sunday and Monday   to see   the luster  of  your form of wisdom,
My heart  melted  when you looked at me  asking  me   to come  near you.

2.Neela kadal oram kanni thai  ,
Ninnai kanda  pinnar  ,
Nana vidha ulagil   yen kangal,
Ninnaye   naduthamma,
Parkkum idam thorum  ,
Nin mukha punchirippu  ullathamma,
Yaarkkum ini anja vendaam,
Ulagill yellaam   unathu mayam.

2. After seeing you the virgin mother  on the banks of the  blue ocean,
In this world  of different   types, my eyes   are only seeking you,
In all the places  that I see  , I am seeing the   smile  from your face,
There is now no need to fear anybody as all the  people on earth are  your illusions.

3.DEkam punithamaka devi unnai,
Thedi alainthene,
Mohathai otti vittai,
Ini ahambhavam  thulainthathamma,
Kamathaal  aaLapetha ,
Yen jeevan kasadathatha thayithamma
Maranam yenakillayendre,
Manam magizhnudu kuthikkuthamma.

3.I wandered searching for you to purify my body,
You have driven out passion from me,
And now my pride has been lost
My life  which was ruled by passion  has become without stain  ,
My mind is pleased and jumping thinking   that  I do not have death.

4.Durgunam yendra maayaa ,
Ulagai   thooyathaai  kaana vaithai,
Nirgunam aakki vittai  ,
Yendrendrum   neeyaagave   iruppai ,
Om Sakthi, Om Sakthi  om ,
Parasakthi  ananda  sakthimaye  ,
Om SAkthi, Om sakthi  om ,
Annaye annai Kanyakumari.

4. You made me see the   illusory world of evil habits   in to pure one  ,
You made   without any properties, and you would always and always  be yourself,
Om Sakthi, Om Sakthi Om , Oh  Divine power pervaded with  power of joy,
Om Sakthi Om, Om Sakthi Om  Oh mother  Oh mother  Kanyakumari.

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