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Sabari Malai chendral –A tamil Bhajan

Sabari Malai chendral –A tamil Bhajan

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1.Sabari Malai chendraal  Sankadangal yillai,
SAsthavin munnale sodhanaigal  illai  ,
Abaya  nilai vazhangi arulvan  inba nilai,
Ayyappa  Saranam yendral   neengum thunba nilai

1.If we go to  Sabari mountain, there  is no sorrow,
Before  Sastha   there  are  no sufferings  ,
By   granting protective state , he  would give us a  state of pleasure,
If we see “I surrender to you Ayyappa”  , the state  of sorrow  would go away.

2.Nei manakkum Kovil, mei vazhiyai kattum,
Nanjaara ninaiporkku   anjathathu   thunai koottum,
Seigindra   seyal   yaavum   sirappudan mudiyum,
Saranam , Saranam  yendraal santhoshangal   nirayum.

2.The temple  with scent of ghee , would show  us the path of truth,
Those  who think about it  with full heart  , would get a fearless  assistance,
All the job that    we do would be completed   very well,
If we say “I surrender, I surrender”  to  you would be  filled with joy.

3.Irumudiyai thaangi thiru padigal    yerum  ,
Ezhaigak lin  vaazhvilinile  selvam yellam serum,
Varumai yel;lam  theerum  , Vantha  vinai maarum,
VaLLal  ayyappanin   tiruvizhi  vazhi  koorum .

3.In the life of the poor   who carry  the Irumudi(two section bundle),
Wealth   will accumulate , all poverty would go away ,
The  problems that  came would disappear  ,
And the divine eye  of  the philanthropist  Ayyappa   would point out the way.

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