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Achieve all that you want by chanting specific Gayatri manthras addressed to several Gods

Achieve   all that you want  by  chanting  specific  Gayatri manthras   addressed to several Gods


Gayatri manthra  was given to the world by sage Kaushika   and seeing the benefits the world received from it.  He was called    sage Viswamithra(the friend of the world)  .  After  this several sages     after meditation wrote Gayathri manthras    addressed to several Gods for achieving  specific objectives.  A large number of such Gayathri manthra collection    and the benefit  which is accrued  by chanting them was once collected  by  BHarani Kumar   and published by  Kumudham Bhakthi  .  These are short manthras and need to be repeated 108   times daily for a long period of time   for achieving the objectives mentioned. It is better   to learn  them  from a Guru. If you do  not get a Guru , Write the Manthra on a paper  , keep it before the drawing or idol of the  God mentioned , meditate on that God  and mentally make that  God as  the Guru teaching the Manthra  to  you  Then daily before chanting the manthra  , meditate  on that God  and start the chant .It is believed that  the manthra   should be inwardly chanted   and your lips should not move. Here is the list of the desires which are  likely to be fulfilled (some amount of repetition is there ). Go through it and identify the Gayathri manthra   which is most suitable for your need from
 Let God bless you to achieve  all   your wants

1,10, 85  For  Achieving all that is desired
2,For  getting longer  life span
3.For   realizing unity among   siblings
4, 18 .For getting cured of diseases
5,9 , 84 To become wealthy
6.To get rid of fear of enemies
7.For getting  blessings from Pithrus(dead ancestors)
8.For getting Wisdom
11.To shine  in studies
12.To get rid of poverty 
13.To get all  blessings
14. To get rid  of fears
15.For sudden dangers not to occur
16, 25, 75  To be blessed   with children
17.For getting rid of fear of God of death
19.For  getting rid of all types of obstacles
20.For  getting  all good blessings
21.For getting rid of all dangers
22.For getting rid  of Sarpa  dosha.
23,For getting long life to husband  (Soumangalya)
24.For getting promotion
26.For getting back lost things
27.For accumulating dresses  and ornaments
28.For getting rid of problems due   to Surya(sun)- To get improved eye sight
29. For getting rid of problems due to Chandra(moon)   -toget increased wisdom , to get rid of diseases due to cold.
30.Angaaraka gayatri (Mars) –People suffering due to Chevvai dosham/to get united with siblings
31,Budha gayatri (Mercury)-People   who are not able to grasp knowledge
32,Guru gayatri (Jupiter)-If Guru  is weak in the horoscope/for getting married quickly
33,Shukra gayatri (Venus)-When planet Shukra  causes problems, to get married
36,Kethu gayatri –When planet Kethu causes  problems
37.For getting  rid of pox diseases
38.For getting blessings of Lord Vishnu
39.To get rid of problems from planets
40.For getting rid  of famines
41.For   getting rid of sickness  of children
42. For getting all types of luck
43.For getting married to  the person whom we love
44.For getting expertise  in music
45.For children to become  prosperous
46.For  gaining  wisdom
47.For getting rid  of all  doshas
48.To  get Education , wealth and valour
49.To get  acknowledgement  in studies
50 To get  freedom from   evil forces
51.To get cured of skin diseases
52,For auspiciousness  of home to increase
53.For getting cured of  blood related  diseases
54.To get rid of  dangers caused by poisonous   animals
55.To get rid of problems caused by enemies and to lead a great  life
56.For married couples to regain lost intimacy
57. To get cured of  diseases of nerves
58.For dairy and cattle yard to improve
59. To get victory in every  trial
60.For protecting child in the womb and get  easy delivery
61.For achieving  victory in every thing that we want
62.To Get improvement health/To become expert in knowledge
63.To get wealth, beauty   and strength
64.To get blessings  of elders
65.To get  happiness   to stay stable in life
66,To succeed in  business
67.To get  all sort of lucks
68.To remove sorrows   and get  God’s grace.
69.To get unexpected   fortune
70.To get the effect of  worshipping all Gods
73.To get peace of mind
74.To get all sorts of  good luck
76.For getting rid of bad habits/To get freedom from sorrow
77,.To get rid of  control of evil spirits/To  get as boon proper desires
78.To expertise  in all arts/For  getting rid of fear
79. To get  rid of poverty/ to look good
80.To protect  ourselves from evil  powers
81.To  have safe journey
82.For Crops to grow  luxuriantly
83. For getting grace  of Lord Krishna and Goddess Lalitha

86.For getting married to the person whom we love

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