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Subrahmanya moola manthra sthavam

Subrahmanya   moola manthra sthavam

From Kumara  Thanthra

Translated by

1.Adatha   sampravakshyami  moola manthra   sthavam shivam,
Japathaam srunvathaam   nrunaam   bukthi  mukthi  pradhayakam

1.Now I  am going to teach you  the moola manthra  sthava ,
Which if read or heard   , would grant prosperity  and salvation.

2.Sarva shatru kshaya  karam  sarva  roga  nivaranam,
Ashtaiswarya  pradham nityam,  sarva lokaika  pavanam.

2.This which is most divine    in all the   worlds , would destroy  all  your enemies,
Would   cure all diseases  and   would grant you  eight  types of wealth.

3.Sarar aranyo udhbhavo  skandham  , saranagatha  palakam,
Saranam thwaam prapannasya  , dehi may  vipulaam sriyaam.

3.You who is Skanda  the one who was  born from the  forest of twigs,
Who looks after  those who surrender  to him  , should grant  great prosperity,
To  this  devotee who has  dedicated  himself to you  and has  surrendered to you.

4.Raja raja sakhodbootham   rajeevayatha  lochanam,
Ratheesa  koti soundaryam  dehi may   vipulaam sriyam.

4,You are one born  to the  friend  of Khubera  , who has lotus like  eyes,
And who has one crore times more beauty than god of love, please   give me great prosperity.

5.Balaari pramukhiar vandhya, vallee indraani suthaa pathe  ,
Varadasritha  lokaanaam  , dehi may  vipulaam sriyam.

 5.You are  one saluted  by  great devas  , who is consort of Valli  and daughter of  indrani,
And who gives boons  to those  who depend on him  , please  give me great  prosperity.

6.Naradhadhi  maha yogi sidha gandharva  sevitham,
Nava veerai poojithaangri  dehi  may  vipulam  sriyam.

6.You are one worshipped by Narada, great yogis, Sidhas   and Gandharwas,
And who has a feet that is worshipped by nine heroes, please  give me great prosperity.

7.Bhagwan  Parvathi  sooono swamin  bhaktharthi  banjana  ,
Bhavath padabjaow  bhakthim  , dehi may  vipulaam sriyam.

7. Oh God You   are son of Lord Shiva  and Goddess Parvathi , who removes sufferings  of devotees,
Please give me   devotion to your lord’s feet   and great  prosperity.

8.Vasu dhanyam   yasa  keerthi   avichedham   cha  santhathey,
Shathru nasana  madhyasu   dehi may   vipulam   sriyaam.

8.Please give me   gold, grains  , fame in this world and heaven , children without break,
And destruction of my enemies immediately and also  great prosperity.

9.Idham shadaksharam  stotram   subrahmanyasya   santhatham,
Ya padeth thasya   sidhyanthi   sampada achithadhika.

9. If this six lettered   prayer   of  Subrahmanya   is  daily,
Chanted, he will get great  wealth much beyond his   expectations.

10.Hrudabje bhakthitho   nithyam  subrahmanyam  smaranbudha ,
Yo japeth  pratharuthaya  sarvaan kamaanavapnuyath.

10.That  wise person  who daily   with devotion  thinks of God Subrahmanya  in my mind,
And chants  his name daily as soon as he gets up in the morning ,Would achieve all his desires.

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