Saturday, February 13, 2016

Universal prayer to avoid bad events

Universal prayer   to avoid  bad  events

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There is  no one in the world who is free  from sufferings  like bad dreams, worry  , sickness  , natures anger etc. Here is a remarkable   prayer   to the Lord of the world to   destroy all of them . In the original “Jagadhaam Adheesa”   is  translated as Lord Shiva  but to me  it appears to be addressed   to   the God whom we believe   as the Lord of the earth  and once   we agree  to that  , here  is a universal  prayer  applicable    to each and every one of us addressed to the God   whom we believe.  Do we not chant daily
“Akasath  Pathitham thoyam ,
Yadha gachathi   SAgaram,
SArva  Deva Namaskara ,
Kesavam  pradhi gachathi”

Meaning ,

“Just like    the water  falling from the sea ,
Is going   and reaching the sea,
The salutations   that we  make to any God ,
Does   go and reach   Kesava”

Only a religion like   us which has   this  universal concept of God  can  give rise  to  a  Universal prayer  like this. Please do chant it with belief in God    and you   would  achieve lot to yourself and lot more   to all the beings of the world.

Duswapna  , Dusakuna  , Durgathi  , Dhourmanasya,
Dur biksha , dur vyasana, dussaha dur yasaamsi,
Uthpatha  thapa, Visha Bheethim , asadgraha  , aarthi  ,
Vyadhimscha  nasayathu   may Jagathaam Adheesa.

Oh Lord  of the world  ,please  destroy   bad dreams,
Bad omens  , Bad fate  ,mental  suffering ,
Famines  , great sorrows , unbearable bad name ,
Suffering to nature’s anger  , fear due to poison ,

misfortunes due to  bad planets  Pains   and diseases 

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