Thursday, February 11, 2016

Hey Saradhe ma-A bhajan in Hindi

Hey Saradhe ma

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(Here is a  great prayer  addressed to  mother Sarada (Goddess  Saraswathi)  in Hindi. She is the  reigning goddess  in the famous temple of Maihar near Allahabad . She is also the reigning Goddess  in our   great temple  of Sringeri.Its simplicity  and devotion  touches the heart. Hear it sung  )

1.Hey Saradhe Ma,
Ajnantha    se hame thar dhe ma

1.Oh mother  Shradha ,
Take us   out   from Ignorance

2.Thu swar ki devi  , ye Sangith thujse
Har Sabdh thera, har geeth thujse,
Hum hai akele  , hum hai adhoore  ,
Theri   saran hum  , humen pyar   dhe ma,
Hey  Saradhe ma, Hey Saradhe  ma.

2.You are the goddess of musical note  and this  music is from you,
All the  words   are yours  , and all the   songs are by you,
We are all alone, we are immature ,
We  are under  your protection  , Oh mother  give us love  ,
Hey Mother  Sarada, Hey  mother Sarada.

3.Muniyon nee samji , muniyon ne  jani,
Vedon ki  bhasha  purnan  kee  bhani  ,
Hum bhi   tho samje  , hum bhi tho  jaane ,
Vidhyaa ka  humko   adhikar   dhe  ma,
Hey Saradhe ma, Hey Saradhe  Ma.

3.Sages  understood  , sages  knew,
The language  of Vedas , the language  of epics,
We also understood,  We   also understood,
Please give  us the right   to knowledge  , mother ,
Hey Mother  Sarada, Hey mother   Sarada.

4.Thu sweth  varni   kamal  pe  viraje  ,
Hathon me  Veena,  Mukut sar pe saje,
Man se   hamare  mita  ke   andhere  ,
Humko  ujalon  ka samsar   dhe ma,
Hey Saradhe ma, Hey Saradhe  Ma.

4. You shine sitting on a white lotus  flower,
You have Veena in your hand, You  wear a crown on head  ,
Please  remove  darkness  from our mind ,
Oh mother   give   us the world   with a great shine  ,

Hey mother Sarada , Hey mother  Sarada 

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