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Loka hitham mama Karaneyam

Loka hitham   mama  Karaneyam

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(Here  is another statement of  true faith  in the form of a prayer, which is simply great.  Hear it sung )

1.Manasa   sathatham karaneeyam,
Vachasa   sathatham  vadaneeyam,
Loka hitham mama  karaneeyam,
Loka hitham  mama  karaneeyam.

मनसा सततम् स्मरणीयम्
वचसा सततम् वदनीयम्
लोकहितम् मम करणीयम् ॥धृ॥

1.I always   think in my mind  ,
I always   speak out in words ,
I have to do good to the world,
I have to do good to the world.

2,Na bhoga bhavane  ramaneeyam,
Na  cha   sukha sayane   sayaneeyam,
Aharnisam  Jagaraneeyam,
Loka hitham  mama  karaneeyam.

भोग भवने रमणीयम्
सुख शयने शयनीयम्
अहर्निशम् जागरणीयम्
लोकहितम् मम करणीयम् ॥१॥

2. I am not going to enjoy in the  home of pleasure ,
Nor am I   going   to  lay   down for a pleasurable sleep,
I am always going to keep awake for doing my duty,
I have to do good to the world.

3.Na  jathu   dukham Gananeeyam,
Na cha  nija saukhyam mananeeyam,
Karya kshethre   thwaraneeyam,
Loka hitham  mama  karaneeyam.

जातु दुःखम् गणनीयम्
निज सौख्यम् मननीयम्
कार्य क्षेत्रे त्वरणीयम्
लोकहितम् मम करणीयम् ॥२॥

3. The sorrows   which come to me   are unimportant ,
Nor  Would  I   think about   real pleasures,
As I am busily engaged  in  activities,
I have to do good to the world.

4.Duka sagare  Tharaneeyam,
Kashta parvathe  charaneyam,
Vipathi   vipane  Bramaneeyam,
Loka hitham  mama  karaneeyam.

दुःख सागरे तरणीयम्
कष्ट पर्वते चरणीयम्
विपत्ति विपिने भ्रमणीयम्
लोकहितम् मम करणीयम् ॥३॥

4,I have to cross   the ocean  of sorrows,
I have to climb the mountain of difficulties,
But I have  to think of God  in times of danger,
I have to do good to the world.

5.Maharanye GHanandhakare ,
Bandhu janaa  sthithaa  gahware ,
THathra maya  sancharaneeyam.
Lokahitham mama  Karaneeyam

गहनारण्ये घनान्धकारे
बन्धु जना ये स्थिता गह्वरे
तत्र मया सन्चरणीयम्
लोकहितम् मम करणीयम् ॥४॥

In the dense forest   with  dense daekness,
The near and dear  ones remain confused,
And I have travel to there
I have to do good to the world

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