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Annai Anbinikku Mangalam (A tamil prayer)

Annai  Anbinikku  Mangalam (A tamil prayer)

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Refrain (to be repeated    after  every verse)
Annai , Annai  , Annai, Annai  , Anbinikku  Mangalam,
Adhi sakthi   ambigaikku  anantha  kodi mangalam,
Yennulle   vilangum   yendhan easwarikku Magalam

To mother,  to mother, To  mother, To mother who loves me  auspiciousness,
To the primeval power  who is the mother , endless  crores of auspiciousness,
To  my goddess  who shines  inside me  auspiciousness.

1,Ichai yaavum ootuvikkum   chirchuvaikku  Mangalam,
Urukatha  nenjam un paal   urugitha   urukkathaalum,

1.Auspeciousness  to the one with divine taste   who fulfills all desires,
Due to the tender sensation of my never melting mind  melting  before  you.

2.Perugaatha kaneer   aaraai perugitha  perukkal munnam,
Charukatha   jnanam  poothu thazhaithu  inba  kaniyai  kaana

2 To see  as sweet fruit  the dried up  wisdom  ,  flower  and fruit,
Due  to  the flow  of river like  tears  , which earlier has  not flowed

3.Parukatha   madhura thenai   paruginen   payan pethene  ,
Yeppirappum    yeitheno   iyarkayaana   sidhiyai.

3.I drank the honey which was  never drunk before and was benefitted,
Would not I get   my natural powers  in any of my births.

4.Yipirappil   yen karam isainthalikkum   SAkthiyaam,
Pancha Bhoothas bedhamai   prapanchamai  prachandamai

4.You are the power which exists as   the different  five elements ,
AS the  world  as the  formidable power  given by  my hands in this birth,

5.Vinchinaal    yenakku   yoga  veeralatha   thanmayaal,
Thazhvilaadha   thanmayum   thalarchiyutha  vanmayam

5.Due  to her teaching   me yga and valour  , she  has  gone ahead of me  ,
And made me free of inferior  nature   and  strength which never   weakens  ,

6.Vaazhvinaal  payankalum   , yen vakkile   varangalum,
Bhakthiyir   kasinthalithu  padugindrana  paanmayum

6.There  is meaning in my life , in my words there  ar boons  ,
Ands my nature   is to melt   and merge   in devotion.

7.Paaduvorkku   aneka boga   bakkiyangal   menmayum,
Yendrum onga  yen karathu iyarkkayana   sidhiyai.

7.You made  the strength   natural power   to always grow ,
And also  gave greatness   several  great experiences and luck   to all those who sing it.

8.Thanthu  jnana moorthiyai   thaninthu  vaikkum  sakthiyaam,
Nama keerthanam  pranathu  nadellam chezhikkavum

8.You made   singing of your name to spread and made all the world luxuriantly   grow,
And became the  power which is the form of wisdom   which will cool down all.

9.Veridatha  inbam pongi  pongi  veedelaam  vilangavum,
Jnan deepamethi   yendrum  nama  geetham paaduvoom.

9.We  would light of wisdom   always   and  sing your name  ,
So that   the flawless  joy ebbs and ebbs   and made  all the home  bright.

10.Dharma sakthi  vaazga yendru   santhatham  kondaaduvoom

10.We would celebrate   that the power of Dharma should live long.


Unknown said...

Reading the last paragraph it seems that translation is incomplete,at least by a word or two.

P.R. Ramachander said...

Only an extra word "and" was added. I have removed it now. The last stanza has only one line.