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Daily Sanskrit prayer Schedule of a Shiva devotee (compiled from various Shiva stotras)

Daily Sanskrit  prayer Schedule of a Shiva  devotee (compiled from  various Shiva stotras)


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After   getting up in the morning

Sri Viswanadha  karunamrutha poorna Sindho,
Sheethamsu  khanda   samalankrutha  Bhavya   chooda  ,
Basmanga   raga  parishobitha   sarva   deha,
Varanasi  pura pathe   thava  Suprabatham,

A very good morning  to you  Oh Lord  of  Benares,
Who is  the lord of the  universe, who is a complete  ocean  of nectar  of mercy,
Who with humility  decorates  himself  with a  piece of moon,
And whose entire body is decorated   with the coating  of ash.

Before breakfast

Asanam  Garalam  Phani kalapo  ,
Vasanam  Charma  cha  Vahanam  Mahoksha,
Mama dasyasi  kim kimasthi  Sambho
Thava  Padambuja   bhakthimeva   dehi.

Oh Lord Shambu since   your  food  is poison , your ornaments are  serpents  ,
Your apparel is animal hide, your steed  is   a big bull,
What   are you going   to give  me  for my  devotion  ?
Only give me  only  devotion to your lotus  like   feet.

Before Lunch

Nithyam, Chidanada roopam,
Ninhutha sesha lokesa vairi prathapam,
Kartheswaragendrachapam, krithivasam,
Bhaje divya sanmarga bandhum
Shambho Maha deva deva, Shiva
Shambho Maha devesa Shambho,
Shambho Mahadeva deva.

I pray to that friend of the good divine path,
Who is perennial and of the form of,
Truth, intelligence and bliss,
Who destroyed without reminder,
The glory of the fame of the enemy of Indra,
Who used the golden Mount Meru,
As his bow in the war against three asuras,
And who dresses himself in hides of trees.
Prostrations to He who blesses us with prosperity,
Prostrations to the greatest God,
Prostrations to the abode of peace,
Prostrations to Him, who blesses us with riches,
And Prostrations to him who is the God of Gods.

In the evening

Nama Shivaabhyam vrusha vahanabhyam,
Virinchi vishnveendra su poojithaabhyam,
Vibhoothi pattera vilepanaabhyam,
Namo Nama Sankara Parvatheebhyam.

Salutations to Lord Shiva and Goddess Shivaa,
Who ride on the divine bull,
Who are worshipped by Vishnu, Brahma and Indra,
And whose bodies are anointed with Sandal and holy ash,
Salutations and salutations to Lord Sankara
And to that Goddess Parvathy.

Before dinner

Akaanda brahmaanda kshaya chakitha devasura krupa,
Vidheya syaseedhya sthrinayana visham sahruthavatha,
Sakalmasha kande thava na kuruthe na sriyam aaho,
Vikaraopi slaghyo bhuvana bhaya bhanga vyasanina.

To show mercy to Devas and Asuras who were afraid of the destruction of the entire world,
Oh three eyed God who is amenable to his devotees, you swallowed the poison,
And you had a black scarred neck but even that was pretty to you,
Showing that even bad looks are praiseworthy to those who kill , fear of this world.

Before retiring   to  bed

 Kara charana krutham vaak kayajam karmajam vaa,
Sravana nayanajam vaa maanasam vaa aparadham,
Vihithamavihitham vaa sarva methath Kshamaswa,
Jaya Jaya katunabdhe sri Mahadeva Shambho.

Please pardon Oh lord
All those acts committed by me,
By hands, by action, by body or
By hearing, by my sight, or by my mind,
Whether they are proper or improper..
Victory oh victory, Oh, ocean of mercy,
Oh, The greatest of Gods and Oh benevolent one.

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